Adding a certain nostalgia with a sense of fun and love,Amit Kumar Gupta’s “Kaali Kaali Raat” is a retrospective of his own experiences.

Stepping into a beautiful night is like immersing yourself into dreams. Audiovisual installations of imaginations generated through your thoughts and feelings taking charge stream in and out. Abstractions of vivid picturesque scenery transforms into an overwhelming place to be. AKG can be heard just doing this with his latest release “Kaali Kaali Raat”. Making the dark night as an emotional igloo to stay warm and share his thoughts.

“Kaali Kaali Raat ” is an imitation of how Amit feels about being in the dark with his closed ones. An emotion that he’s tried to portray through his musical language. Individual components in his music together form a tight bond like a group of close friends. The song begins with a plucked acoustic guitar, very rich and calming after which Amit comes in with his glistening vocals “Kaali kaali raat hai, Tu bhi mere sath hai…….” and the song takes on from there with the drums coming in, with the piano laying lushly in the background. The song is a trademark of being minimalist to sound excellent. All the small things coalesce into a complete and pure song filled with a certain love emotion. 

Amit goes in directions that his heart leads him to explore the unexplored or relive certain moments. He gathers all his thoughts and feelings and puts them in this song and blows it a kiss so that it reaches the people who he wants to talk with. Amit weaves in his thoughts and music beautifully together. Talking about the song he says, “The inception of “Kaali Kaali Raat” happened during a beautiful night Jam amongst close friends. The song then gradually developed into a simple expression of a lover, who is rather excessively smitten by the beauty of the night , only because of the company he is in. The song is an honest approach to express New Love with an uncomplicated melody structure and very simple, easy to remember lyrics.”

Amit sounds refreshingly good, guiding his thoughts in the right direction as he glides as an artist with gracious creativity. He adds, “To be honest, this song was conceived around very good friends, and although “romance” takes the foreground due to the lyrics and the general stream of words. It is the genuine love and mutual respect between friends, family and strangers, which goes beyond structured “relationships” , and hence makes a firm foundation/inspiration for this song”.

He has incorporated all the thoughts and emotions going through his mind using “Kaali Kaali Raat” as his canvas. Amit has carved out a sweet song with beautiful ambience, while keeping it relentlessly minimalist, self consciously. “Kaali Kaali Raat” is a song that could make you smile, adding a certain nostalgia with a sense of fun and love.

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