Agnel Roman’s latest single “Ghar” is a song that ventures into the ocean of beautiful acoustic guitars with soul touching lyricism.

If you have ever searched the meaning of true affection in a song, you have likely met songs that are sacred and comforting with deep and meaningful lyrics. It becomes more surreal the deeper you get into it. Agnel Roman a singer/songwriter, music producer & composer just offers us that affection with his tender new single “Ghar”. A song that follows a pure relationship, a conversational voice that’s completed with minimalist complex arrangements. 

“Ghar” is a song that ventures into the ocean of beautiful acoustic guitars, fingerpicking his emotions Agnel makes way for his lyrics as he sings, “Tera Mera chotasa ye ghar, Tere Mere Khwabo Ka shahar….” His pleasant vocals fill the lyrics with emotions elevating it up a notch. Agnel has tried to modernize the acoustic track with a dramatic opera-like bridge section creating a mysterious creative impulse. He aims for a very “soul-touching” perspective.A dream-like narrative is extended with his lyricism. Dnyaneshwar Panchal has worked with him on the lyrics. The duo have found inspiration in creating something pure.

After being present in Bollywood from the past decade working for films and with respected writers & singers such as Irshad Kamil, Prajakta Shukure, Nikhil Paul George and many more artists Agnel is starting his solo journey planning to release music that he can call “mine”. Music that is wide-ranging with different genres, he seems thrilled and excited by how much can be achieved. 

“Ghar ” is proof of what Agnel has to offer, music that’s touching and that represents his musical ability conjuring ear-catchy melodies. Music that has comfort and that’s inspiring, Agnel feels the drive to keep telling us, it’s something of an alluring start.

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