“Ahilya: A Harmonious Blend of Melody and Soulful Harmony”

In a world bustling with noise, there are serene compositions that beckon listeners into a realm of tranquility and introspection. One such melodic marvel is “Ahilya,” a captivating instrumental piece orchestrated by the talented Malvica Chopra in collaboration with the versatile Pranav Nigam.

This harmonious fusion of melody on Sitar and harmony on the Piano is a testament to the seamless convergence of diverse musical elements. Rooted in Raga Alhaiya Bilawal, “Ahilya” embarks on a musical journey that transcends boundaries, inviting audiences into a world of ease and soulful resonance.

The genesis of this enchanting composition germinated from a profound connection with nature and a pursuit of inner peace. Malvica Chopra, a Mumbai-based artist and disciple of the revered Sitar & Tabla Maestro Pt. Nayan Ghosh, delved into her 16-year journey with Indian classical music and meditation, drawing inspiration from the serenity within and around us. It was in a moment of sheer clarity that the melody of “Ahilya” found its inception, humming softly within her and promptly captured on her phone, later evolving into this mesmerizing creation.


The collaboration with Pranav Nigam, a composer and musician known for his diverse musical spectrum spanning electroacoustic, experimental, and alternative pop genres, added a rich layer of depth to the composition. Their union at the California Institute of the Arts became the catalyst for this musical dialogue, intertwining Sitar and Piano to weave a tapestry of emotions.

“Ahilya” encapsulates three key words from the composer’s perspective: flow, peaceful, and soulful. It’s an embodiment of those fleeting moments of joy and liberation experienced when one feels unshackled and connected to their essence. The aim is not merely to create music but to convey an experience—a sense of liberation and boundless joy, regardless of the listener’s familiarity with the technical nuances of Indian classical music.

This musical endeavor by Malvica Chopra and Pranav Nigam exemplifies the universal language of music—a language that traverses boundaries, cultures, and traditions, resonating with anyone seeking solace and harmony in the rhythms of life. “Ahilya” stands as an ode to the timeless beauty of musical synergy, inviting all to immerse themselves in its tranquil embrace and embark on a journey of self-discovery through its soul-stirring melodies.

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