“Ahmad Shaad Safwi: Weaving Longing and Allure Through Musical Notes”

Dublin-based Indian singer-songwriter Ahmad Shaad Safwi’s track “Abr” encapsulates a profound longing for the divine, mirrored through the yearning to embrace a beloved. The composition delves into the notion that genuine beauty resides not only in the observable, but in the deeply felt and eternally cherished. “Abr” becomes the vessel ferrying love to its zenith, an emotion beyond the grasp of mere words, a privilege reserved for a select few.

The song’s inspiration is woven from a tapestry of exquisite yearning, painting a metaphorical picture where a young man embodies Earth and a maiden symbolizes Sky. Earth’s relentless longing to unite with the distant and elusive Sky reflects its distinct allure. While Sky remains visible, it remains an enigmatic force, forever out of Earth’s reach. This unfulfilled union etches longing into Earth’s very core, leaving an indelible mark.

Ahmad Shaad Safwi’s journey is a testament to his devotion to music. Born in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, he nurtured his musical inclination during his time in Lucknow for his Bachelor’s degree. Forming a band in college, he played across the city at various events. Despite joining the corporate world in Pune after completing his Btech, music continued to run parallel in his life. As a self-taught musician, he actively participated in Pune’s live music scene, even releasing independent singles like “Chal Diye,” featured on MTV Indies in 2015.

The move to Dublin for Post Graduation in 2017 marked a new chapter in Shaad’s journey. He continued his musical pursuits, collaborating with notable labels like Tseries and releasing singles that explored diverse genres. His recent collaboration with Mumbai-based Music Composer Adil Nadaf resulted in the release of “Sajna.”

Shaad’s musical artistry extends beyond entertainment; it serves as a medium to convey stories and emotions. His upcoming projects promise an array of fresh singles, collaborations, and an album, each brimming with his distinctive musical style. Ahmad Shaad Safwi stands as an embodiment of an artist who uses his craft to explore the depths of human emotions, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the world of longing, allure, and unspoken desires.

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