AKG’s latest “Saanware”, describes how love can flow as a powerful and true energy.

Painting quaint portraits through music, describing how love can flow as a powerful and true energy, clutching that emotion into a song is something hard and beautiful. Amit Kumar Gupta contextualizes the complex feeling of love language that shouts innocence and clarity. Drawing inspiration from Pandit Kumar Gandharva’s version of a classic Radha – Krishna bhajan he tactfully plays its metaphysical and reasoned quandaries with his lavish arrangements.

“Saanware” , the latest in his musical catalog, explores the classic story of Radha – Krishna. He’s used Pandit Kumar’s version and transformed it into an indie song, a clever transition. Merging folk stories with modern day music making it easier for the new generation to understand. The concept scouts the lives of Radha – Krishna, narrating a love language. With clean acoustic guitars, round bass tones and percussive elements completing the musical ensemble. His glistening vocals escalate the song into a spiritual, cleansed and polished realm. The vocal harmonies sound like a choir playing in conjunction with the music and melody. AKG breezes through the concept with calm and accuracy. 

All the while, keeping the meaning and story line as real as possible, delivering it in different ways. He said, “Saanware” is a contemporary take on a classic Radha – Krishna bhajan. Acoustic guitar and soulful vocals Layered with beautiful harmonies, take it closer to a fresh Indie song than a folk”. AKG finds ways to keep everything alive and interesting. He adds, “The song was inspired by Pandit Kumar Gandharva’s version of this bhajan. His version came to me during the making of this current debut album – Mudatto Baad, and just felt right to make it a part of the album, with this being the only recreation”.

“Saanware” blows a certain peace as you listen to it, calms your anxiety, reaching your heart, easing it to rest happy. The whole song and the notion of making a folk bhajan sound indie glints through the composition and arrangements. There’s a spiritual ambiguity, with the element of music gleaming bright. AKG’s compositions are thematic and brilliantly exhibited.

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