“Amol Deshmukh: From Engineer to Musician, Painting His Melodies with Soulful Brushstrokes”

Amol Deshmukh, an engineer by profession and a passionate musician, has had an interesting journey. He is currently working as the Principal at Nagpur Institute of Technology in Nagpur, India. He holds a Ph.D. from VNIT Nagpur and is an alumni of IIM Nagpur, where he completed an Executive Management course on “Strategic Management.”

Amol has received numerous awards throughout his career, including the “Idols of Maharashtra – Working Professionals” award by Sakal Media in 2022, the “Excellent Teacher Award” by Lokmat Media in 2021, the “Most Distinguished Principal of the Year” award by Education Excellence, and the “Outstanding Faculty Mentor” Award, among others. He has also been recognized with the “Outstanding Scientist Award” by the International Science Awards and the “Manikarnika Kala Bhushan Award” by the Manikarnika Art Gallery.

Apart from his professional accomplishments, Amol is also an accomplished painter and has received awards for his artwork at the national level. He has founded his own organization called “Amol’s Art Gallery” to promote paintings and art-related activities in the region. He has participated in several painting exhibitions and is a Fellow Member of the Screenwriters Association of India.

While Amol was initially busy with his technical career and administrative responsibilities, he eventually decided to devote time to his other passions, including singing, painting, and writing lyrics. He started writing his own songs and has released cover songs on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Resso, which have gained popularity.

Amol’s unique songwriting style blends different genres together to create fresh and exciting music. He draws inspiration from other artists while incorporating his own ideas, resulting in unique and expressive songs. Writing his own songs allows him to express himself creatively and have more control over his artistic direction.

Amol’s upcoming tracks include “Dil De Diya,” a song that expresses the feelings of a shy person seeing a beautiful girl. It incorporates a blend of old Hindi songs and aims to create a sense of love. Another track, “Dil mera bole love you,” is a peppy number with catchy lyrics that aim to resonate with listeners. Filmed in a club-like environment with energetic dance steps, this song is targeted towards the younger generation. Lastly, “Mai Udd Chala” is a song that reflects Amol’s personal journey, conveying a positive outlook and the willingness to face challenges in life.

“Amol has skillfully crafted the lyrics of ‘Dil De Diya’ to express the feelings of love and admiration experienced by a shy person upon seeing a beautiful girl. The song stands out with its nostalgic essence, incorporating elements of old Hindi songs. Soham Deshmukh, Amol’s son, delivers a perfect performance in the lead role, effectively conveying the sentiment of the song. With its unique blend of Hindi lyrics and romantic vibe, ‘Dil De Diya’ aims to strike a chord with listeners who appreciate classic Hindi music.

On the other hand, ‘Dil Mera Bole Love You’ is an energetic and catchy track that aims to be memorable. Amol has focused on creating easily memorable lyrics, instantly appealing to listeners. The music video sets a lively club-like atmosphere and features vibrant dance steps that enhance its overall energetic appeal. With this song, Amol seeks to captivate the younger generation with its modern sound and relatable lyrics. The use of pure Hindi words adds authenticity to the track, showcasing Amol’s fondness for the language.

‘Mai Udd Chala’ is a song that reflects Amol’s personal journey and serves as an anthem of positivity and resilience. It conveys the message of embracing life’s journey despite facing numerous challenges. The song embodies optimism and portrays a person who is willing to confront life’s obstacles with a positive attitude. ‘Mai Udd Chala’ aims to inspire listeners to embrace their own struggles and approach them with optimism. With its uplifting lyrics and motivational theme, this song is set to resonate with individuals seeking encouragement and hope in their lives.”

All of these tracks will soon be released under the label “Time Audio.” Amol hopes to connect with his audience emotionally and create a memorable experience through his music.

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