An elegantly composed song stands tall with Sam Rajput and Udbhav Sharma’s latest single “Ek Ehsas”.

Browse the internet and you’ll find infinite number of artists & songs that are gems, that are pure, that are a vibrant panorama of themselves. Sam Rajput and Udbhav Sharma could easily be framed in this category. Their music suggests the best way to feel something, to notice your inner thoughts through music. They present their case for allowance, belief and a pure form of love. Their music dilates the world in the moment where the artist is suddenly hit with so many feelings after he meets a girl and everything is changed. 

“Ek Ehsas” is their latest single to be released. With needling guitars, combative drumming, searing emotions the song completes itself when put together. The song starts with an arpeggiated chime melody and an organ behind cascading into an electric guitar plucks followed by Sam’s vocal hums, diving into the song as he sings “Ek Ehsas sa kahi tu muzme abhi, ek ehsan sa tu kr gayi…..” The song floats with Sam’s glossy vocals and an acoustic guitar playing along, which funnels into a loud  anthem-like chorus. The chorus is filled, huge and uplifting. This is where the song is thrown into the next level. There’s a certain fury on display, a fury of being awestruck by a person who changes the way your perceive the world.

The sound design is structural, spectacular and amazing and for that we’ve got Udbhav to praise. He’s the man who’s arranged and produced the song. Together they both elevate the music and genre as a vehicle to convey their thoughts and try to connect with the people who listen. Talking about the song Udbhav says, “we worked together to give it a vision and present them to you all in a way where we both feel that everyone will enjoy it. Although I should keep his secrets safe, I can confirm he wrote this one for his special someone, and they might be together. I helped him with the production and of course I sang it and tried my best to capture the essence of the song”.

“Ek Ehsas” is a single from their album “Ruhaniyat”. They both have indicated how good a musicians they are. Both are in search of something memorable. When asked about the meaning about the lyrics Sam says, “Ek Ehsas’ are Hindi words which translate to ‘one feeling’, so the lyrics are based upon that one feeling or those new feelings you get when you’re in love, when everything is good even if it’s not, when someone give you the strength to fight on, when someone makes you laugh and feel happy just by being with them even though you just had your worst day ever. That ‘Ehsas’ is what the song is about”.

With all being said, Sam Rajput and Udbhav Sharma have pulled out a masterpiece. A collection of a hardworking team that unified together on creating something that would last forever.

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