Animated music that scatters musings on sticking together preserving affection & belief, Adyty Anand, Aadil Marya & Fu Kesh’s new song “Highs & Lows” is an irresistible magnetic earworm

Animated music that scatters musings on sticking together preserving affection & belief in a charismatic storytelling way Adyty Anand, Aadil Marya & Fu Kesh have played their roles into making their latest record. Telling tales through their music about things they’ve experienced, the trio have hit the ball out the park with their release. Its allure rested on the trio’s musical ingenuity & their belief in themselves. A light & easy approach with dynamics the trio sound alive affirming their words through their songwriting. 

“Highs & Lows” is their latest single a song with dreamy realization & a certain lo-fi/pop charm. Beginning the song with lush synths Adyty’s warmth spreads through her calming and glistening vocals. The trio don’t waste time in making their efforts visible. Wrapping the powerful lyrics in an eye rolling rich musical ensemble, they glide smoothly & effortlessly. Trickling piano, drum design that feels like a thumping heartbeat, teasing percussions and sweet vocal chops swirl perfectly into the mix. An electronica noise with a touch of modern pop that sounds most satisfying. They crash perfectly into creating something that is true & from their hearts. 

The song feels like a stunning coat of bright colors. While talking about the song the trio said, “Highs and Lows is a track that talks about finding your own tribe that sticks around through the ups and downs of this wonderful thing called life. It’s like when you are all gray they are dripping rainbow”. With soothing voice and complex musical production they have found the right ingredients to create something that’s glamorous. They add, “Highs and lows’ genesis happened when Fu Kesh sent a guitar melody. Soon Aadil completely flipped it into a soft pop sweet earworm”. The gripping soundscape allows you to take a look into their experiences which many can resonate to.

“Highs & Lows” succeeds precisely because of its authenticity and a bond of three artistic minds coming together. It’s tender, modern & designed to serve your ears well. It condenses firmly into your heart making you want to listen to it again & again. Adyty Anand, Aadil Marya & Fu Kesh present an irresistible magnetic song.

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