Anvay’s “Zindagi ke safar mai” is all the fights and moments we go through while chasing after our dreams

We did an interview with the artist over a cup of coffee about this latest release, here’s what they had to say!

Tell us about your track

Zindagi ke safar me is a retro pop inspired song writtern by Sagar Karande. Composed and sung by Anvay

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

This song is inspired by the thought of chasing our dreams and desires in life. It might be love or career or inner peace. Some day we’ll get it. But the drive needs to be alive through thick and thin in life’s journey.

How long did it take to record the track album EP ?

If i say since the time it was written, it took 2 years to compos, record and release

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

There are two ways to interpret this song. One is a love song. the guy is trying to find his soulmate for a long time now. The world is telling him to let go but he still has hope to find her one day.Second way is that the song is about life goals. He is in pusuit of his goals and is trying his hard despite hopelessness

What brings next after this release?

I have two more songs lined up. One is a 90s indipop inspired one and other is an orchestral+ambient type

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