Armed with uplifting music & inspiring songwriting Saptak Chatterjee’s latest “Udd Re” glimmers & shines bright. 

Making music that explores tough times & that spawns towards a bright future Saptak Chatterjee crafts songs right off his mind’s thoughts & life experiences. Electro-lullabies with a bite of personal experiences brightens his music production & songwriting skills. Leaning into similar self reflection themes, Saptak’s perspective has grown more matured & optimistic. A change towards positive direction that offers much more potential into his music crafting skills.

“Udd Re” is Saptak’s latest release, an uplifting & lean release with rich music production. The modern pop/electronic single highlights the emotions of being strong and overcoming tough times. Confronting challenges & putting it into good use Saptak has transformed his thoughts beautifully into a well designed masterpiece. The song starts with an ocean of lush synths interlocking with arpeggiated keys forming a strong foundation over which Saptak lays down his sweet & gentle vocals as he sings “Udd Re…Udd Re….” that feels like a touching ode to self reflection. The tender yet fun drum design uplifts the song with confidence. A unique & bright composition that cries out loud from the depth of Saptak’s heart. It sounds like comfort & calmness.

The song spreads like a ray of sunlight, shining bright and resonating with his audience. While talking about the song Saptak said, “’Udd Re’ is a song about overcoming tough times and soaring towards a brighter future with the love and support of our partners. The lush synths and emotive vocals showcase the depth of the message, making it an anthem of love and growth.

The message of the song is universal, and I believe it will resonate with audiences everywhere”. With pouring emotions the song blossoms into a beautiful musical tree. He adds, “The message of the song is universal, and I believe it will resonate with audiences everywhere”.

“Udd Re” has a certain sweetness that calms a stormy heart making it feel safe. The lyrics parallels the music arrangements together pushing the song on a higher level. Saptak deploys his musical abilities to his utmost creative ingenuity. His glimmer remains bright and Saptak Chatterjee, showcases his satisfying melodies & uplifting musical production.

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