“Art of Waves: A Musical Journey through Life’s Harmonious Ripples”

Shreyas, a passionate indie Kannada artist hailing from Bangalore, has been on a musical journey for four years, releasing original tracks that intricately mirror the unpredictable nature of existence. Despite none of his songs being accompanied by a video, each resonates with a profound narrative, drawing parallels between life’s chaos and the harmonious ripples in water.

His latest EP, “Art of Waves,” encapsulates the essence of life through the metaphor of water. The three-stage progression of the tracks, from pop rock to indie and finally ending with progressive rock, symbolizes the transformative journey of water—rising to the sky, falling back to the ground, and encompassing both the dead and the alive.

“Art of Waves” invites listeners to immerse themselves in the harmonious blend of emotion and introspection, showcasing the ever-changing canvas of life where beginnings and endings gracefully dance in delicate equilibrium. Shreyas describes water as a creative force that nurtures life, taking all elements, dead and alive, on a journey from the ground to the sky and back.

The track, aptly named “ART OF WAVES,” is a glimpse into the ripples of balance found in life. It captures the essence of waves, illustrating how water is pushed and pulled by forces beyond its control. Despite the randomness of life, water transforms, ripples, and evolves into something beautiful, only to return to its initial state, forever in balance.

Shreyas, under the artist name TED alongwith Yohanan, shares his creative journey from early college jam sessions to navigating the highs and lows of live performances with his band. Despite the band’s breakup, the shared love for creating music remained unwavering. This dedication led him to embark on a new venture—producing a unique sound from scratch.

After four years of hard work and numerous releases, Shreyas is thrilled to present “Art of Waves,” a musical collection that invites listeners on a mesmerizing odyssey mirroring the poetic nature of water’s life—its waves. The EP is a testament to Shreyas’s commitment to his craft and his ability to create a captivating musical narrative.

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