Atharva’s single “Nazar ft. Outsky” is inspired by the “The Local Train” and is a must have in your playlists.

Tell us about your track

Nazar revolves around the feeling of falling in love with someone who has no gist of your emotions and how you scream all your heart knowing that person might not even notice you. The song goes through a roller coaster of many emotions and indie/rock production gives it more flavour (thanks to the producer of the song, Outsky).

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

There was no inspiration for this song as such, but some songs from the indie band The Local Train and the vibe they carried pushed me to come up woth the melody of my song. And once i wrote the melody, everything just fell in place.

How long did it take to record the track \album \EP ?

I came up with the melody about 2 years ago but i scrapped it for some reason (average independent artist attitude). Cut to 2years later, I was going through my voice notes where i found it again and i just felt reconnected to it. So I decided to go for it. I composed the whole melody, wrote the lyrics, got Outsky on board. It took us around 3 months to complete the production of the song and when I heard the final mix of the song, every minute that I worked on this song felt worth it!

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

The lyrics are the soul of the song. The lyrics in this song build a story about one sided love. The line ‘Agar tu sun bhi le zara, ye dil tujhse keh raha hai kya’ puts it out that the person is ready to express how they feel and confess their emotions and just then the lines ‘Deewana bheed mein khada nazar bhi tujhko aaun kya pata’ shows how the person is also afraid of not getting noticed.

What brings next after this release?

Love. The love from the audience. The entire purpose of writing a song is to make people feel more of their emotions, and when someone comes to me and tells me that the sing made them feel something, thats all that matters to me. And that’s all that I expect after the release! Much love.

One comment

  1. First of all Thankyou for making this song.
    It’s totally Wholesome <3
    And really can't get over it.
    The heart touching lyrics and the awesome melody and all the effects ( in short whole production ) really really made it perfectly complete 🛐

    Keep making Amazing songs and also inspiring by your hard work.
    Keep Growing.

    Your Infinite Pankha 🙂

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