Attractive music, ambient mood ARBAZ’s latest EP “Desi Scandinavian” is unshakeable and powerful.

Rap music is no stranger to our generation of listeners, there’s a full squeeze of rap music coming out daily from artists around the globe. Flashing extraordinary talents and lyricism with moody instruments, rap music is on a high up. ARBAZ is one such artistically gifted rapper coming up the ranks. With word meditation, life experiences he’s pursuing the scope of being a successful artist with his remarkable techniques.

“Desi Scandinavian” is ARBAZ’s latest record. An EP that sits on personnel references and adventures is an actual artistic wiz. He sails throughout the songs talking about life growing up as a desi in Scandinavia comparing it with the life he had growing up in Pakistan. 

Maze-like vocal melodies, complex rhythms & convoluted arrangements that are mature, his EP rises up a notch. The EP feels tax-free with unlimited excitement with each song. His voice is textured and promising throughout the EP. “Condo” is a single released from the EP, a light hearted rap song with subtle degrees paying homage to the South Asian music scene through the punchlines and references. His vocals modulate and interleave with the music, breezy and magnetic. Evocative and concise drum loops, frictionless layers of synths, completing the arrangement. He has increased his musicality in this EP which is imposing and splendid.

Talking about the EP ARBAZ said, ““Desi Scandinavian’ is a self-reflective EP. I started the writing process in 2020, and have been working on it since. I wanted to create something that was real, where I can reflect on my life and shed light on growing up as a desi in Scandinavia with my lifestyle where I am truly humbled but at the same time I feel spoiled/advantaged if I compare it to those growing up in Pakistan”. He’s channeled his inspiration in the right direction creating something amazing. Taking lyrical cues as he explains his thoughts and life escapades he glides smoothly. He adds, “The EP reflects who I am and also the mixture of different continent/places/environments. I belong to two different cultures, different lifestyles. I want to fly but still keep my feet on the ground.”

The quality of music that he’s offered in “Desi Scandinavian” is unshakable and powerful. Attractive music, ambient mood the EP is complete and whole. His devotion to hip-hop and his roots of who he really is shows through his music. It’s fresh, honest & exquisite.

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