Atul Gupta’s latest “Rehnuma” is a modern pop odyssey with love mania written over.

Desire can be explosive, it can be a spark to your creative fire and fuel for your musical abilities, it’s the rocket that would help your dreams reach its destination. Atul Gupta – a pop belletrist, beguiled by his art makes music that’s a clear reflection of himself with his superlative new record “Rehnuma”. Making life experiences beautiful by engraving them into his songs, as a hopeless romantic. 

“Rehnuma” is marveling with a bunch of modern pop sounds and calming energy that makes you want to hold your breath making you nostalgic about certain moments. He channels a story telling expressive feelings through his lyricsm.

The song starts with lush synths and an acoustic guitar with reverb-y vocal chops giving you a 1975’s sound as Atul comes singing “Tehra me rahu tumhara kyu na raazi dil mera/ Tere Bina Rehnuma..” The song then transcends into an ocean of soft drum loops & more glistening synths that make you feel as though you’re swimming in crystalline water then cascading into a drop before parachuting into the chorus. The chorus is filled with candy elements, arpeggiated vocal chops and guitars. You can feel the pacifying vivacity with the arrangements. 

Atul is not just swooning with creativity, but also is putting in the hard-work required to show it through his music. With glory and beauty he portrays his imagination with enthusiasm. “Rehnuma” is a theme of love mania that’s replicated with the music, calming and yearning for something that you love. It breathes the sound of a growing and maturing artist that’s flourishing in the indie scene.

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