Bad Trip Symphony’s “Show After The Show”: An Experimental Journey of Personal Struggles and Musical Identity

Bad Trip Symphony’s “Show After The Show” is the third studio album from the artist, showcasing their most ambitious and experimental work yet. The album’s narrative revolves around the struggle of finding identity, both as a musician and in personal life responsibilities. The album features a blend of different genres, including Dubstep, trap, R&B, Synthwave, Jazz, and more, all combined with trap beats.

The album’s narration is divided into two sides: Side A and Side B. Side A features songs that metaphorically reflect a performance, with the intro setting the tone for the atmosphere of the Bad Trip Symphony. The album progresses with different genres, such as Dubstep, trap, R&B, Synthwave, and Jazz blending with trap beats. Songs like “Purge,” “Tough Luck,” and “Wings for the Life” touch on various subjects, including writing and society. The album ends with “Kaala Jaadu,” leaving the listener with a good vibe goodbye track.

Side B takes a darker turn, with the lyrics focusing on personal issues such as alcohol abuse, failing relationships, and society’s stand. The sounds and ambience on this side of the album reflect the weight of the lyrics, creating an emotional and immersive experience for the listener.

The album is executively produced and engineered by rbbt and features collaborations with Pogo Beats and Legion Beats. The album’s lyrical content is entirely taken from personal experiences, making it a deeply personal and intimate listening experience.

The soundscape of the album is more of an experimental and conscious storytelling approach, submerged with reverbed ambient sounds over trap beats. The band’s inspiration to blend different genres like classical, electronic, retro synth, and jazz samples has been vital to creating a unique sound that sets them apart from other artists.

It took Bad Trip Symphony two years to record the album, which is a testament to their dedication and passion for their craft. Looking forward, the group plans to explore more ambient electronic music and other genres in their upcoming projects, with more satire and sounds from metal music.

In conclusion, “Show After The Show” is a thought-provoking and immersive listening experience that reflects the band’s personal struggles and growth as musicians. The album’s blend of different genres and unique soundscape makes it a must-listen for fans of experimental music.

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