Blowing up the music scene with releases Gautam Agarwal, is making a clear & highly visible presence with singles such as “Uljhanein” & “Mere Sath”.

Blowing up the music scene with releases Gautam Agarwal, is making a clear & highly visible presence. His music sounds like he’d make them in his mind all by himself and then use machines to breathe life into them. An omnipresent murk of creativity continually fogging around him that edges out bright. It’s his vision of making his emotions pop up, letting people in on his journey. A blend of club music, acoustic guitars, RnB and lo-fi music charges his musical infantry. 

Gautam has an imprint of modern bedroom engineers that find out ways to make their songs sound unbelievably great. A speedy, acoustic-techno sound that one could rave into enveloping all their waves of thoughts. With a palette that has acoustic guitar riffs as the stand out element and powerful drums, Agarwal paints his sweet-sounding songs. “Mere Sath” is one of his latest release, a single that’s nostalgic with smooth acoustic guitars that take you back into a happy place, undistorted drums sit like planets in a sea of empty space, and a wash of warm synths stacking up the nostalgic feeling. A sense of well arranged instrumentation engaging the listeners to come back again. 

Another such track that highlights Gautam’s expertise as a creative mind is “Uljhanein” , a record that’s contemporary and dark. It starts with lush synths and 808s. These synths throw off slippery dissonance like whistles in a deep winter night. He’s used oceans of background noises, that speak a lot with just their existence. He effortlessly and elegantly used them, as clockworks. There actually is not a lot going on but these minimalist approaches have blossomed the song much more. 

Gautam Agarwal perpetually switches up his music with the addition of his innovative thoughts, floating and gliding seamlessly. There are echoes of a gifted musician that certainly show through the production and the synth sounds. His gauzy tones, dark synths, groovy 808s work perfectly. Gautam Agarwal sounds sharp and he could go on without looking back.

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