Bombay Bustle: A Vibrant Fusion of Indian Music and Tech House

Delhi-based house music producer and DJ, Karan Dhingra, under the moniker House Of TUNEMAN, is on the streets with his latest track “Bombay Bustle”. This captivating fusion of Indian music and tech house promises to take listeners on a vibrant and colorful journey inspired by the bustling city of Mumbai.

House Of TUNEMAN’s musical journey began in April 2020, and since then, he has made significant strides in the electronic music scene. His unique blend of deep house, Afro, and tech house, infused with Indian instruments and vocals, has earned him recognition from both Indian and international music labels.

The essence of “Bombay Bustle” lies in its ability to capture the fast-paced and chaotic yet exhilarating life of Mumbai. The track’s core genre is tech house, but it is adorned with layers of traditional Indian instruments such as Bhagpang, Tabla, and Morsing, harmoniously blending with soulful Carnatic vocals, resulting in a smooth and delightful fusion sound. To enhance the groove and global vibe, the track also incorporates afro essential sounds like Doshru, Inhaca, and Gorongosa.

Complementing the lively audio experience, the visuals of “Bombay Bustle” take viewers on a visual feast showcasing the essence of Mumbai. The video captures the bustling local trains, energetic Lavani dancers, iconic Bollywood posters, and double-decker buses traversing the city’s vibrant streets. Glimpses of the famous Ganesh Chaturthi festival and prominent landmarks immerse the audience in the spirit of Mumbai. Additionally, the AI-rendered version of House Of TUNEMAN himself adds a unique and captivating element to the visual storytelling.

House Of TUNEMAN’s passion for music and his extensive travel experiences have played a pivotal role in shaping his distinctive style. With performances at numerous clubs and events across India and a growing international audience base, his work has received praise from industry stalwarts and featured on popular techno platforms worldwide.

The vision behind “Bombay Bustle” is to introduce a fresh style of Indian electronic music to audiences worldwide. By fusing traditional Indian elements with tech house beats, House Of TUNEMAN aims to create a mesmerizing and captivating musical experience that transcends cultural boundaries.

As an independent release, “Bombay Bustle” represents House Of TUNEMAN’s artistic freedom and determination to bring his innovative creations directly to his audience.

With its release, “Bombay Bustle” promises to be a musical extravaganza, celebrating the vibrant and colorful spirit of Mumbai while showcasing the unique and eclectic fusion of Indian music and tech house. House Of TUNEMAN’s dedication to his craft and commitment to pushing musical boundaries make this track a must-listen for electronic music enthusiasts and fans of innovative fusion alike.

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