Brothers in Arms, a band on a journey to Unite

Music has no boundaries, it’s something that you just fly into with your heart and that’s what “Brother’s In Arms” have found to be true. They’ve tried to keep all their differences aside with only music being the primary focus. They are the world’s first India – Pakistan – USA based Rock band formed with a collaborative effort of musicians. Now, they are ready to launch their debut single “Khuda Ke Bandey” on the 14th of July, 2022.

From India we have Prateek Bhaduri, an award winning singer songwriter, and also the founding member and the vocalist of the band. Prateek has also used his heart and mind in a way to pen down the meaningful lyrics for the band. Prateek has received quite a few accolades over the years for himself which include multi genre and multilingual releases on social issues and receiving the Radio City Freedom Award 2016, Radio city Freedom Award Nom 2019, Wow Asia 2017 and moreover to back these up, Prateek has also released his song “Inner Love” on Vh1 and Songdew Tv, a song about mental health awareness which was showered with a lot of love and recognition in the Indie Scene. “Khuda Ke Bandey” also happens to be Prateek’s first song written and sung by him in Urdu. What’s even more interesting is that Prateek also has previous releases in English, Hindi and Bangla in the past.

Khurram Waqar, a multi-award-winning guitarist/producer from Pakistan, fills up the role of a guitar player in the band. Besides being the guitar player, he’s also involved in the audio/video production. Khurram has been a part of various rock outfits for the last 3 decades with both critcal acclaim and commercial success. He was the founding member/guitar player of the Pakistani Rock outfit Qayaas which won the Best Rock Band (Pakistan) at the Rolling Stones/Jack Daniels Annual Music Awards held in India in 2010 and 3 awards at INDIEGO Music Awards 2012 (Best Rock Song, Best Rock Video, Best Rock Vocalist) at IndieGo awards held in Malaysia in 2012. Khurram and his band Qayaas did a rendition of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Charkha Nolakha on Coke Studio along with Atif Aslam
His recent band, kW and the Facedown Movement, won the Independent Rock Song of the Year, 2018 at VIMA Music awards held in Malaysia. During the pandemic, he launched an initiative, Guitar Collective, to get all the major guitar players from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Dubai on one platform for live online discussions on guitars, technique and theory. Currently it has 135 guitar players which regularly post on the Guitar Collective Facebook Group comprising of 4.4 k members.

Greg Ellis is an American drummer and percussionist who fills in as the drummer for the band. Greg has performed and recorded with artists from almost every continent. To name a few of the artists we have the great Zakir Hussain, Billy Idol, Sonu Nigam, Juno Reactor, Sugizo and many more. Greg has also given music for the Avengers, Matrix, Argo and over 100 Hollywood movies. Along with being an Hollywood drummer he has released many critically acclaimed albums with his groups Vas and Biomusique as well as his solo album Kala Rupa. His drumming can be heard on more than 150 films,
television and video game scores.

Brothers In Arms already sound like a super-group, a powerful trio of talented musicians and artists coming together for sole purpose of uniting the world through their music, their debut single “Khuda Ke Bandey” sends a message which states “Say No To War”. The band intends to have a strong humanitarian impact with their music.

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