Charitrh Takes You on a Journey Around The Clock with Soulful Acoustic Ballad

Mumbai-based artist Charitrh is making waves with his latest release, “Around The Clock,” a four-minute acoustic ballad that takes listeners on a captivating journey through intricate melodies and emotionally charged storytelling. The track, available on Spotify, unfolds with gentle fingerpicking, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. Multiple guitars introduce intricate playing, heavenly synths cast a dreamy ambiance, and a delicate flute dances above, adding sophistication to the soulful composition.

The inspiration behind “Around The Clock” is a poignant exploration of feeling purposeless while being burdened with life’s duties. Charitrh paints a vivid picture of the struggle to be present in the moment, whether physically running for work or mentally racing with thoughts. The song serves as an eloquent argument with time, expressing the difficulty of moving forward, processing emotions, and the gradual numbness that sets in during this unspeakable battle.

Charitrh, a singer, songwriter, and producer, embarked on his musical journey after discovering iconic artists like Guns N’ Roses, Queen, Pink Floyd, and more. Influenced by their ability to tell bold, untold stories through music, Charitrh embraces classic rock n’ roll, hard rock, punk rock, and experimental rock in his own creations. His music delves into the depths of human experiences, finding beauty in the ugliness and sharing relatable stories to let listeners know they are not alone.

In a recent interview with Findie publication, Charitrh discussed his creative process over coffee, shedding light on the raw and honest expression found in his songs. The conversation revealed the artist’s commitment to authenticity, using his unique blend of poetic and story-telling elements to connect with his audience. Charitrh’s willingness to share his personal experiences through music creates a powerful connection with listeners, making him a promising voice in the indie music scene.

As “Around The Clock” continues to resonate with audiences, Charitrh invites music enthusiasts to join him on a musical journey that transcends genres and speaks to the universal struggles of the human experience.

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