Cinnamon Cigars ‘’If The Night Is Dark’’ is a song you can’t miss.

About the song
It’s 2022, and the social media revolution has all of us connected with
each other as never before, no matter how far apart. Yet, profound
connections, bonds, and trust have grown weaker and that’s one of the
biggest ironies or rather tragedies of the modern age. In our fast-running lives, we sometimes forget that love doesn’t have to be silent
and complicated, but loud and vocal; making sure that you’ll be there
for them no matter what, and portraying that love to them.
It’s amazing how the tiniest nudge of assurance of being loved and
noticed can bring so much belief and confidence in oneself and this
the song talks just about that. How it is always heart-warming to feel
needed, to be seen, and to be loved by someone who isn’t ashamed to
let the world know about it.

About Cinnamon Cigars
A singer/ Songwriting duo from Nagpur who started their journey by making
music out of poetries have finally stepped their foot into making music and
spreading their art to the people. From countless jamming sessions, discussing
poetries, and making music out of them; the art took birth, and finally paved
its way to Cinnamon Cigars. A union of two artists, friends, and their artforms;
to tell their stories to us.

It all took shape when Geetika’s poems and Shubham’s music assimilated
weep emotions so well into stories that the duo discovered their niche. It is
during this discovery that “Dhundli Hawa”, the second single of Shubham
Kundu took shape and received all your love. This was also their first project
working together as a team and from here they started making short films on
Geetika Chatterjee’s poetries eventually found its way to music. The duo
also works together to be as authentic with their work as possible, making
sure that their music is personal and honest.

Cinnamon Cigars use their expertise and inspiration from artists like the paper
kites, Angus and Julia Stone, peter cat recording co., and the local train……
to make music that tells a story and connects to the listener. From writing
their music to making their music videos thus began this duo’s voyage as
independent artists.

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