Cosimo Stone: A Journey From Engineering to Music

Cosimo Stone’s song “Nervous” is a heartfelt ballad that captures the essence of meeting someone new and feeling infatuated yet intimidated. The song’s intimate vocals, captivating electronic piano melody, lush pads, guitar parts, and synth bass and drums create a unique sound that immediately draws listeners in.

The lyrics of “Nervous” tell a relatable story of a person trying to navigate their feelings for someone they just met. The artist’s vulnerability shines through as he sings about the internal struggle of wanting to make a move, but also feeling unsure of how the other person feels. This is a universal feeling that many people can relate to, making the song an instant hit.

Cosimo’s journey as a self-taught musician, songwriter, and producer is truly inspiring. He started as a vocalist and cleared Rock School Grade 8 (Vocals) at the age of 17 without attending a single music lesson in his life. After getting his Bachelor’s in engineering, he pursued music professionally at the age of 22, with almost no background, no network, and no musical education. He learned music theory and songwriting basics, familiarized himself with industry-standard plug-in suites, and taught himself how to use multiple DAWs for music production. Cosimo also helped 80+ singers of ages 4-42 with their vocal techniques.

In addition to producing and releasing his own music, Cosimo has collaborated with other artists and has been credited as a songwriter and producer on six songs. His music has a unique sound that blends electronic, pop, and indie genres, making him a versatile artist with a promising future in the music industry.

“Nervous” is a standout track that showcases Cosimo Stone’s impressive skills as a songwriter and producer. His journey as a self-taught musician is a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication. As he continues to hone his craft and explore new sounds and styles, it will be exciting to see what he has in store for us in the future.

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