Dhanshree Kulkarni’s song “Bata De” is the relief you need to find the right one for you, or address the uncertainties if you are together. Listen Now

Tell us about your track

“Bata De” is a song that you would want to hear when you are not in love but want to experience how love feels, and also when you are in love and wanna see what the future beholds.

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

My inspiration behind the song were the people who want to be in a romantic relationship, they have this bucket load of love they want to shower on the person they love but they are unable to because they don’t have a romantic partner and what will happen when they get it, and how it will be, what Love will be like. That was the mind space that gave me inspiration.

How long did it take to record the track \album \EP ?

It didn’t take me that long to record the song because it in itself is quite an easy song and the producing of track, recording vocals everything was done maybe within a week. I had the song in my folder for a very long time and I could have had released this song way back but I don’t know what was holding me, but now the song is out and I wish for the best. Chandradeep Parekh who produced as well as Mixed and Mastered this track and he did an amazing job as always. The composition was done by Mr.Kailash Jadhav Sir and me, Kailash Jadhav is my Piano teacher and also who helped me compose the song.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

“Yeh tu Bata De Tu Mera Kya hai Khuda bhi gawa hai Tu Mera Pyaar Hai” these lines just ask as well as answer the question from the asker prespective, it is like, you tell me who are you even though god knows you are my love of my life but I want to hear it from you, who are you and what Am I to you. “Le Jau Tujhko pyaar ke Sheher mein baatenge khushiyan aur gam saath sahenege”, this is a part where we get into the imaginative state where one partner says, I wanna take you to a a city made of love where we know that in love, there is not only love that keeps us together but also the happiness, sadness, ups and downs and that’s when we will be together we will always share our Happiness and our sadness with each other. “Chota sa Ghar ho Baaju mein Neher ho aayenge kashtiyan aur jhoome ham sang do”, it is again an imaginative space where we are living in a small house and there is just you and me and no care about the world, there is a small river which we see from our house and ships are passing by us and we are chilling and having fun with each other, dancing, etc. “Tere bin mein kya karu, Tere bin kese jiyun, Teri aankhon ki hasi se hai meri Khushi”, here It is like there is ups and downs everywhere and how will I live without you because we are soo deep in love and when I see you happy and when I see your eyes when you are happy that’s the time when I have this wonderful happiness that came out because you are happy. ” Tere bin mein hoon parinda Ko kho jau baadlo mein phir na aa pau Ghar kabhi”, as mentioned earlier there are ups and downs everywhere and we have to come out of the downs because if we don’t without you I will be like a bird who can not find its way home, the further explanation is like without you I will be a lost soul and by “Ghar” I mean my own body the house of my own soul that’s my body and I will not be me if you are not with me.”Tujhe beparwah Pyaar bhi karenge, Dil tum dukha do toh aansu bhi piyenge, mein ruth jau toh tum manana ek gaana gaa ke tum mujhe suna na”, I will love you unconditionally, even if you hurt my feeling i will not talk about it and if I am angry you come and try making things right by singing a song for me. The Lyrics of this song is something you would want to read even if you don’t wish to listen to it.

What brings next after this release?

After this release I am coming with a new song really soon and it’s gonna be a BANGERR song and I just know it because I am dancing to it now, even tough the vocals of it are raw, so yeah that’s what will be next after this release.

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