“Dil Ho Tum” is Rishi Kumar’s latest record that features Hansika Pareek & Anurag’s Mishra, an avant- pop single that has love as it’s main theme.

Existential pop ballads play like a score for a  rom-com nominated movie. Paired with meaningful lyrics, glossy & softening vocals what you get is a pop hit. Self-reflecting and new found love ring out loud in Rishi Kumar’s latest record. The composer and producer has a knack of vivid storytelling with his music arrangements, an introspection that serves as a makeshift love therapy session. He’s roped in singer Hansika Pareek and lyricist Anurag Mishra. The group have unlocked a hidden potential that shows through their creative mess. An intimate creation of an avant- pop song that wallows in a certain love language.

“Dil Ho Tum” is Rishi Kumar’s latest record that features Hansika Pareek & Anurag Mishra on vocals & lyrics respectively. The song airs stream-of-falling in love as the main theme. Musing on the excitement of love and meeting that someone special with ease & warmth. The song begins with arpeggiated keys & Hansika’s gentle vocals gliding over. She sounds confident gleaming right through the musical ensemble. She establishes that vision of falling in love with her vocals. The music compliments her vocals that sounds soulful & upbeat. guitar’s gliding in, the minimalist drums that keep the rhythm, leaving in cinematic aesthetics, oceans of synth sweeping in completing the arrangement. 

Rishi’s music evokes the feeling of growing love and sprinkles of modern pop. His songs translate his emotions of love that show through his melodies. While talking about the song Rishi says, “We (Hansika & Anurag) gelled really well as a team for this one. Initially the arrangement of the song was very different, poles apart compared to the final, as the old one had a very upbeat vibe to it. Special thanks to candid feedback as laymen from my parents to change the arrangement to better suit the song”. There’s a colorful texture that can be seen throughout the song that stands out. It has a moody ring to it giving you the right feels.

“Dil Ho Tum” is a track that has soft twists, smooth music, meaningful lyrics and glossy vocals. Optimistic bars that open up as you go on listening to the songs. It’s an emotional piece of work. What lies at the end of the song is warmth & encouragement. Rishi has created something stellar and soulful with a little help from his friends Hansika & Anurag.

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