Each PJ Harvey album ranked from worst to greatest


PJ Harvey is a musical chameleon, reinventing herself with every album, resulting in early assertions that she was the ‘indie Madonna’. However the Dorset-born musician’s transformations from file to file quickly made comparisons to the mighty Madge appear short-sighted. Probably the most cursory examination of her catalogue reveals early ragged indie recordings, experimentation with tone and electronics, uncooked and uncovered 4-track and demo recordings, English people songs, Gothic chamber pop and her current multi-instrumental forays into the historical past of battle.

Compiling a worst to greatest listing for an artist who fully rewires her sound from album to album is a problem, with many followers having very robust causes for figuring out with one iteration of her storied profession over one other. One factor that’s for sure is that Polly Jean Harvey is likely one of the best, most idiosyncratic artists England has ever produced. She is a nationwide treasure and with out her, the panorama of recent British music would appear a a lot much less adventurous place.

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9. Is This Need? (1998)


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