Enveloping music, offering a perspective that’s truly important and meaningful, Ambarish Nag’s latest contains a message of balance between humans & nature.

The trajectory of Ambarish Nag’s music is a direction pointed up. He sounds like a man on mission, passionate and dedicated to the music he makes. Each release is a step in the learning process. A thematic songwriter that conceptualizes ideas pinning them down in his lyrics. A way for him to communicate the thoughts that’s constantly flowing through his mind.

“Yeh Aatishein” confronts human values that are failing in bringing balance between nature & preserving it. The melody is stable, calm & passionate, at times it quivers with sincerity. Bright pianos & acoustic guitars contrasting with distorted guitars, pounding drums and an alluring saxophone solo. All these arrangements set a canvas for Nag to put in some vocal delights. The song has everything from heart stopping drums to crashing guitars, outlining them with sweet & simple bass lines. The music gains life of its own, transcending boundaries.

Yeh Aatishein is like an introspective of Nag’s perceptions. He’s transformed his views and thoughts into a newly energized corrective light. Nag said, “Yeh Aatishein is a song which talks about our responsibility towards nature to create a balance using it’s resources & preserving it”. The track was penned down by his friend Saras. Hindi isn’t his strongest language which makes this record & collaboration really special. He add, “The inspiration behind the track was one of my experiences of rock bottoms that I’ve faced in life. I had alienated myself completely from society and that’s when nature helped me heal from the inside & I understood its healing power”.

Nag roped in his friends who’ve helped him with the recordings. Saxophone was played by Anurag Kamble, on bass he had Harry Mathew. The song was mixed & mastered at Beyond Myth Studios, Dehradun.

“Yeh Aatishein” surrounds itself with a meaningful message, intricate sounds forming a place to share ideas and views from everyday human life. Listening to Nag leaves one to rethink about nature and the importance of keeping things balanced. It’s enveloping music, offering a perspective that’s truly important and meaningful.

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