“Happy This Way” the latest addition in Vasudha’s musical catalog, is gaining life of its own with its upbeat production and modern arrangements.

We did an interview with the artist over a cup of coffee about this latest release, here’s what they had to say!

Tell us about your track

The song ‘Happy This Way’ speaks about the importance of staying innocent throughout life and keeping the inner child alive, owning the uncertainty of life instead of feeling guilty about it. The song promotes a healthy mindset towards life, that it’s okay not to have everything figured out. ‘Happy This Way’ is for the people still figuring it out. people in their teens, twenties, and anyone full of youthful zest. It tells us to be self-dependent and live to the fullest.

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

Life lessons and realisations are the biggest lessons we learn. This song also came from my personal experience of realising that there is a lot of pressure for achieving certain success at certain time of life which is totally unrealistic. This song is for all of us and a reminder to focus on what we have and be grateful for that

How long did it take to record the track album EP ?

It took me 2 years to finish this song. I couldn’t finish the song due to so many bumpy ride. I finally finishes the song in 2022 and released the song in 2023. Maybe i was just waiting to gather enough courage to finally let this creative piece out.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

This song is based on self love. The lyrics tell us to be that child again who laughed at small pleasures of life and found fun in riding the bike or lying on the terrace gazing stars for hours. Or hanging out with friends, fearlessly living our life.

What brings next after this release?

I will be coming back with amazing music to which all of us can relate. In a hope to bring upliftment in people’s life with the help of my music.

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