Having bubbles of thoughts that would fill any song completely with emotions Harsha Prawin’s latest “Neelo Cheerla” is captivating with poetic lyricism.

Having bubbles of thoughts that would fill any song completely with emotions Harsha Prawin is a music director and composer. He’s been working in the Telugu movie industry since 2014. The composer’s thoughts flow smoothly in arcing runs making his melodies light up. His music always engages with upbeat grooves.

Prawin’s latest “Neelo Cherela” adds to his ever increasing list of well produced music catalog. His production always taps into his inner emotions, pairing it with a groove that gets one to dance along. Ocean of synths that drives the song smoothly. And for the vocals he’s roped in Pavani Vasa, her glossy vocals compliment his perfectly arranged musical ensemble. Having an electronic-inspired production style, Prawin drops punchy loops and melodies. His production is as adventurous as anything you would listen to. Digital textured enliven Prawin’s musical knowledge.

The single catches pace when the beats get going taking cues from R&B. It grows leisurely as the song progresses. The instrumentation is strong, they fit in exactly with Prawin’s style. Talking about the song Prawin said, “When you are in Love, Everything is justified. A Girl is in love and they are in a long distance Relationship. This song delivers “Romancing in Head concept”. A magnetic pull of love can be assumed to be the main talking point of the song. When asked about the inspiration for the track Prawin said, “I was Traveling from Hyderabad to Delhi for a meeting, the passenger beside me told me his long distance relationship story all along the journey. I felt very amazed to see how people are engaged to make their relationships work”. 

“Neelo Cherela” is a track that’s a mix of wit, personal creativity and glistening vocals. The precise musical arrangements elevate the song up a level. Prawin has maneuvered his thoughts into the right direction creating a masterpiece.

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