How About’s latest single “Salt” is a universe based in the distant future, feel how the chaos of the future sounds like.

Tell us about your track

The scenario itself is set in this cyber punk post-apocalyptic future where it’s been centuries since we left Earth rendering it uninhabitable. Now our species just travels from planet to planet just plundering whatever it wants for itself. Life itself has become so chaotic and mainly all about the survival of anyone who can manage to gather enough to survive another night. In all this, two boys have decided to leave everyone behind and drive off into the abyss in a small clear windowed spaceship. The entire song is essentially their thoughts taking shape in front of them. Living in a weird world where they’ve never had a room of their own but here, they are in a ship cruising through the stars figuring out what else life has to offer. They talk about how the propaganda filled video screens just keep promising a brighter future. The idea of letting go and moving onto another environment is so comfortable to us that it never took us more than a second to reprogram ourselves. They realize the insignificance of their life while floating weightlessly without another soul to reach out to. They feel how survival has led them to live such a lonely life with just empty phone calls.

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

Everything that you hear in this song has been recorded/ processed and/or created in a small 1RK apartment in the heart of Mumbai city. Spending countless nights in the confines of a small room (during the lockdown), working on truly unreliable equipment really challenged us to get creative with how we make music. A lot of real time hardware manipulation was done on this song again and again to capture the essence of being in Outer Space. All the trials and tribulations that we face have been revealed through beautifully disguised metaphors. The whole idea behind making music as How About was to achieve an Experimental Pop sound that had unconventional elements from genres like Glitch Hop, DnB, Neo-Soul, engraved into it but still wouldn’t sound like generic Pop. Which is why majority of the sounds used in this song have been sampled and processed by me in a way which would be considered unorthodox.

How long did it take to record the track \album \EP ?

The initial write process for this song was even less than a month, but what we ended up spending a lot of time on was the sound design and figuring out the a perfect place for all our glitches. Along with making sure that Mix was something that we really liked.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

The Lyrics for salt are disguised metaphors about the thought’s of two people alone in the vastness of space. Through their entire journey their thoughts are taking shape in front of them as their conversation comes to life.

What brings next after this release?

All of How About’s releases till date (and future releases) have been highly collaborative in nature and focus on the live electronic performance aspect of music as well. Keeping that in mind, more collaborations are being worked on while I keep performing with Live acts as well.

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