How nearer to demise expertise results in the creation of an emotion immersive music.

19-year-old Singer-Songwriter-Composer Pratyush Roychowdhury from Nagpur. A doctor from the heart but ended up doing engineering, that’s all because of destiny. Belonging to a musical Bengali joint family, he was born a vocalist and an aspiring musical artist, fetching a kick of trying to do something big. He opens up about the true events that went behind the creation of the track ‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste’ that moved the hearts of millions of people.

It all started when he wanted to surprise his dad on his birthday by covering his favourite song
‘Agar Mujhse Mohabbat hai’ from the movie ‘Aapki Parchhaiyan’ with his beloved Shreyas, a 20-year-old aspiring Musical Artist Shreyas Kothiwan who is an all-rounder mellifluous producer, composer, singer, instrumentalist, to whom he addresses him as his duo and the heart of his musical journey who owns a half portion of his life. But little was he aware of what was coming ahead of him. Just a day before his dad’s birthday he met with a terrible accident on his way to Shreyas’s house to record the song that put his life on hold. He was soon taken to the hospital where he was shifted to the ICU. Some hours later he was behaving like he wanted to meet all his beloved ones for the last time if he don’t get to meet them anymore and kept calling his mama’s name, Sir Dr Sajal Mitra, he addresses him as his living almighty and the paramount creator of his new life, the most renowned as well as a pulchritudinous orthopaedist who have been a glory for many officials for his stupendous and visionary works being an Ex-Dean of GMCH Nagpur and guiding light for numerous aspiring doctors who step in the world of orthopaedics, he sees him next to his father and adores him and try to learn a lot from him in every step of his life. As his father brought his call near his ear he groaned up and called him, listening to his voice and his pleasing words he couldn’t help but start crying, he got so happy and felt like he partially got recovered that moment only, as well as all of the worries rising up, have got their answers, he felt that conversation and bond like ‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste’, this is the moment where the title came to existence. He thought and got the courage to write a song especially memorising him and devoting it to him.

The day passed by and at midnight his heart sank as his father’s birthday had arrived but what a heartbreaking day it would be for his father that on his birthday where they were used to enjoy it with flying colours of happiness, unfortunately, his son was lying in ICU battling with his life. But still, he asked the doctors to let his father in and permit him to sing the song for which he was much awaited while being unsure if he could sing or not, as his father entered he closed his eyes and sang the song that he was supposed to record for his birthday. Alas! He sang the song with all his emotions which created a moment for him, his father and his dear doctor to be cherished forever, the tears in their eyes said everything. He took a sigh of relief as being obstinate in fulfilling his father’s wish through the obstacles finally got accomplished and the essence of that situation decided the beginning of “Winning life and Recovering Soon”.

The next day he managed to get a pen and wrote the lyrics that described the pain and trouble he went through on the back of a medical slip, ‘’While going to the operation theatre I handed it over to my dear Dr Deepika Dabherao and told her I dedicate this song to you all who were there beside me as a strength’’. He adds ‘’The song was bidding adieu to them, dear family, relatives and friends if my return journey would not be possible.’’ A day later it was the last day of the T-series organised by Bhushan Kumar and Tulsi Kumar’s workshop which he was attending before the accident but due to network issues it was almost impossible for him to attend, to his surprise, his doctor left his phone with him just so he could attend the meeting. They had a collaboration with sing dilse and this workshop was taken by T-series renowned music director Sanjay Vidyardhi known for directing Saregamapa, Indian Idol, Rising Star etc. since 2005. The last workshop date and result announcement date was 23rd Jan but luckily it got shifted to 28th as he met the accident on 21st. He could attend the workshop from the hospital but due to network issues he could not connect to the meeting but his dear Dr Vaibhav Sinha made it possible. He left his mobile just so he won’t miss the golden opportunity and finally when he joined everyone greeted him and wished him a fast recovery. He got selected for the opportunity of getting a song recorded at T-series Stageworks Studio.

Soon he was taken to OT for his first major operation where another person professor of anaesthesia department Dr. Anjali Savargoankar looked after him gave him strength and motivated him saying “we all are there with you dear, don’t worry, nothing will happen to you, but you need to be calm and strong, the thing which happened you can’t go back and change it, now you need to go through this tough time, and you know if you have the self power to win life you have the power to win through this precarious phase or time”. This gave him enough strength to board the flight for the journey of his life. All his doctors were there with him saying “pratyush keep calm dont get tensed we are here near you, everything will be alright, wanna start singing soon na, we wanna listen to your adoring voice and songs soon” seeing them and hearing those magical words he could again feel the relation of the title of the song song ‘Ek duje ke vaaste’ it was going on in his mind and the lyrics were passing by has he slowly went unconscious as the operation took 6-6.5 hours.

After his successful operation and speedy recovery, he returned home with a million-dollar smile travelling to his residence after more than a month, seeing the glowing lights of the streets, the rush of vehicles, people around the lanes and much more seemed like a beautiful life returned back to a lonely house after years. But the storm did not end for him there, as just after a week from the day he returned, during the beginning of the second wave of covid-19 his entire family got positive, taking away his aunt and his father’s elder brother.

These were dark phases but it didn’t stop him from creating and releasing this track. He connected with his fellow musician friends at Young Homie Production Atul Gupta and Prashant Marathe who helped him execute and capture the true sentiments and emotions of the song. They also shot the music video where Pratyush used to show up with a walker in his hands. Both of them embedded true emotions that he wanted in the video, he said – ‘’Atul was the kingmaker in making the video’’.Today being alive with a million-dollar smile he was so happy that he finally was able to record the song that his father asked him. He Thanked Tushar and Vivek daa who took him to the hospital and helped him reach on time, his living almighty, his dear and beloved Dr Sajal Mitra and team, senior officials and professors, to all the dear duty doctors and his beloved resident doctors of MARD Nagpur. Without them, he would not have gotten his boarding pass of living and sing again. He sings ‘’Mai Rahoon ya na Rahoon, mujhe aur mere gaano ko apne dil aur dimaag mei yuhi basaye rakhna. Chalte Chalte mere ye geet yaad rakhna, kabhi alvida na kehna. Rote Haste.. Bass yuhi tum gungunate rehna. Jo hai sama kya pata.. Kal ho na ho’’

‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste’ received an overwhelming response for him crossing 50k streams in 6 months on Spotify and crossing 1.6lakh+ streams all over worldwide and still grossing. A song that changed his life and opened the golden doors for him like getting branding and sponsorships for all his musical projects. With 20k monthly listeners and 40k+ all-time listeners on Spotify, his only way is up and ahead. ‘’While singing a song, sing and fulfil the song with their emotions and expect that the one who’s listening to it connects to that emotion and feels the song, that’s what a vision of a singer is. Music is all about emotions, but the thing is you need to feel the songs and the music of the same, when the above lines by me are executed wonderfully by you, you are the only shining gem at the centre of the whole crown of the king’’.

Questionnaires –

What’s your favourite instrument?
Grand Piano

What’s your Mother Tongue?

What’s your favourite food?
My favourite foods are ilish maacher jhol and other Bengali authentic dishes but overall I am very fond of sweets, I can’t live without having them.

Who do you idolise in the music industry?
Pancham Da, Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi, AR Rehaman, Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty, Koushiki Chakraborty, Shantanu Moitra, Shreya Ghoshal, Rupankar Bagchi, Anupam Roy, Monali Thakur, Palak Mucchal, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Krishnakumar Kunnath(K.K), Arijit Singh, Atif Aslam, and many more, can’t categorise.


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What’s your favourite quote?
‘’There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that time flies and the good news is that you’re the Pilot.’’
‘’Music is my life and the lyrics glorify the story of my journey’’

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