How Stevie Ray Vaughan took Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing to spectacular new heights


In 1966, an unknown New York sideman with R&B duo The Icemen began embellishing a music known as (My Woman) She’s A Fox with some ear-pricking guitar shapes. 

Jimi Hendrix – for it was he – already had the seeds of Little Wing. However he was not about to hurry it. One thing concerning the studious means the guitarist constructed Little Wing – first the piano-style voicings, his thumb fretting the bass strings; then a lyric personifying the vibe of the Monterey Pop Pageant; lastly, the intricate model recorded at London’s Olympic Studios, utilizing toys that included a glockenspiel and DIY Leslie speaker – steered that Hendrix already knew this music can be a strand of his legacy, to be handed down from guitar god to guitar god. 


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