How to Start a band in 2022

Today we’re gonna look at how to start a band. So if you’re not in a band already or you’re looking to start a band this read is for you.

So rather than just getting a bunch together and releasing some music and then later figuring it out that you guys don’t seem to fit the bill because of different music personalities in a band turning it into a nightmare, It’s better to rather start from scratch, design something that really works, with more or less same creative style and same music liking which in return makes you design an amazing band with the like-minded musicians and with an amazing concept behind it.

1.) Blueprint
Right now we’re in a world where there are a lot of good musicians coming out in this day and age. So you got to get your priorities right and choose the ones who you think have a similar music taste to the music which you want your band to sound like. You got to be the driving force, be the reason for the band to exist, create a concept and an idea, a blueprint.


2.) Leadership
So your concept/blueprint is what is going to bring all the other band members together. So the stronger of an idea/concept you’ve got, the easier it is for the whole band members to get on to and understand. It gets easier to communicate within the band and bring the audience into the story that you want to create.

The light years explode

3.) Band name and Logo
Once you’ve got your members on board with your blueprint and concept ready with each one agreeing to it, the next move is getting a proper band name and a logo.
Getting the right and a cool name is probably going to be one of the biggest challenges. The name should be something that could be searchable and a bit catchy in a way. Take all time that you need to decide your name because once the name sticks you cannot just decide to change it, you could but it would be good to choose a good name in the first place.
So take your time and choose a proper name.

Local Train

4.)The Reason
What is the main reason for this band to be created? The “something” that the band stands for, the way the band is going to sound like, and the songs that you are going to make, give it a reason, a purpose for the listeners and the audience to connect with. This all plays an important role in how you write and make music

Purple Patch

5.) Fashion
This might sound a bit out of the box but you really got to think about how the band is going to look and present itself.
Create a style that represents the songs that you are going to make. You could start to look at other bands, start looking at musicians you idolize, maybe some retro films, fashion brands anything that looks cool and fits your band you got to choose that, stand out from the others.


So now that you’ve got a rough idea of how you could start a band the most important is not to let anything hold you up. It could be anything people, you can’t be dependent on anyone if you haven’t found a guitarist don’t mind that learn a bit try it yourself at first, eventually you’ll find the perfect person to come along with you. The fact is that you only need to be creative enough and love what you do, that’s Rock N’ Roll. Now make a band and enjoy it.

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