In music that celebrates the relief in finding the right words to express, Aamir Rizvi’s latest “Over” is just that.

In music that celebrates the relief in finding the right words to express, Aamir Rizvi tumbles along finding them as he goes on his musical journey. Basking himself in the weight of the experiences he’s had Aamir weaves in his lyrics and music. With his heady songs, voicing his thoughts and emotions is akin to channeling his inner self. On his new release, “Over” such revelations come frequently. His latest single is like a current of shifting emotional states.

On his new single “Over” Aamir sets the tone early. The song starts with an ascending tone of a drum beat and an arpeggiated synth. “Over and over and over again you break my heart” he says opening the song which certainly shows the yearning and urgency of being noticed and looked at. His voice comes with a certain softness and vigor as he takes his take on his relationships expressing them as he sings. As the song builds you listen to more glistening synth layers building on, shoegazing electric guitars, with a groovy bass line playing on that gets your head bobbing. Along with this arrangements Aamir waxes about depression and how not everything works even after giving your best. His verses throughout have conviction of truth about his relationship. 

He has certainly found his way of weaving his emotions well with his music and to help him do this he had Rfaraz. Rfaraz who is from Toronto, Canada together they have created something amazing that’s meaningful and musically sound. Talking about the song Aamir says, “Over is about teen angst eventually leading to mistakes that can’t be taken back. Miscommunication and lost feelings leading to lies and breakups and eventually, tears and self harm”. 

Although he may not seem that way but Aamir clearly seeks to ballast his melancholy through his music. The overall production of the song embodies that sound of a modern pop arrangement that scope in the lyrics and interludes. Aamir leans in more towards an emotive contour with his music and lyrics. Overall “Over” is one good single where Aamir expresses himself as he encompasses his inner thoughts that sustain him.

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