Inspired by Mac DeMarco, Prateek Kuhad “Never Let Me Go” by Jnaan is a subtle melancholy talking about how human ego’s turn fruitful relations into hollow voids.

We did an interview with the artist over a cup of coffee about this newest launch, this is what they had to say!

Tell us about your track

This song derives inspiration from the Indian indie new-wave. influenced by the music of Mac DeMarco, Men I Trust, Cigarettes After Sex, Peter Cat Recording Co. and Prateek Kuhad, the song uses vintage synth sounds, groovy electric guitar layers and philosophically subtle, catchy lyrics to express the goofy yet serious melancholy of love and parting ways.

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

The song is just an impulsive response to how tall-egos affect human relationships. Composed and written overnight without a lot of iteration or redo

How long did it take to record the track \album \EP ?

The whole process from production to master took about a month

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

it’s about leaving and the repulsion to accept the same basically, the lyric talks about the initial numbness of someone leaving from your life(I do not particularly want to call it a break-up) and then the disbelief, denial of the same, It transitions into the chorus where it is a call not leave, not end things, the last two verses speak of solutions, a kind of resolution to plausible problems that would’ve pushed the one out of a relationship, it asks to sort the issue by burning the ego and looking beyond the lust(in this case just the desire for more and beyond what exists within).

What brings next after this release?

Working on several singles on similar subjects, I as an artist love to push a few values that I hold dear to my heart, such as Minimalism, simple human relations, freedom, equality, liberty, peace and sustainability. I believe strongly in love, for it to be the common element in all these values. and hence all my next releases will be to express these values in an aesthetic packaging of love and affection.

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