Introducing Minaxi: The Band Blending Cultures Through Music

Hailing from the bustling streets of Nallasopara, Mumbai, Minaxi is an alternative band that paints melodies reflecting life’s transient dance. Founded in 2018, their vision was simple: merge rock, pop, classical, and Sufi music from the Indian subcontinent with the soulful essence of 90s alternative vibes. Their music echoes the chaos of their roots while embracing a diverse fusion of sounds and cultures.

Comprising drummer Steve Carlin, bassist Thomas Herndon, guitarist/vocalist Liam Christian, and guitarist/vocalist Shrenik Ganatra, Minaxi’s musical journey weaves through genres. Carlin’s beats set the rhythm, Herndon’s basslines groove with funk and jazz, Christian adds a Midwest emo touch, and Ganatra’s Hindustani music background enriches the band’s sonic tapestry.

Their discography is a testament to their DIY ethos, with self-released albums like “Khwab” and “Lazuleen,” alongside EPs such as “Zidd,” “The Zia Fantasy Trilogy,” and “Sialia.” Not just about music, their visuals too, conceptualized by Ganatra and the band, reflect their creative synergy.

Their latest creation, “Tu (Sufi Rock Version),” is an existential anthem. The song encapsulates life’s fleeting nature, urging listeners to embrace their truth, live fervently, and relish the gift of existence. It’s a poetic melody resonating with the echoes of love and loss, reminding us that ‘you’ are the eternal heartbeat in life’s symphony.

The band’s forthcoming album, “The Reverberating Sound of an Absent Metropolis,” slated for release on March 1, 2024, promises another unique auditory experience.

Minaxi’s essence lies in their ability to transcend cultural boundaries through music. Their journey, rooted in chaos yet embracing diversity, echoes the universal human experience. With a sound that marries tradition and innovation, Minaxi continues to carve its path, offering a musical canvas that speaks volumes about life’s enigmatic beauty.

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