Joe Satriani Completed Writing ‘Love Letters to the Basic Rock Period’


Joe Satriani is sitting in entrance of a wall of bank-breaking amps — Marshall, Peavey and EVH rigs that may make the typical bed room shredder weep — and for the umpteenth time on this press cycle, he’s explaining that he did not use any of them on his new album, The Elephants of Mars.

Satriani recorded all the guitars on his nineteenth studio report utilizing a digital SansAmp plugin. “I did not use any of the amps, which is known as a excellent instance of not being affected by issues that you just is perhaps inured in,” he tells UCR. “The collector’s perspective, or the ‘I am cool as a result of I personal that’ type of perspective. It has nothing to do with whether or not or not anyone likes your music. And that is what you are actually attempting to do, proper? You are attempting to create music, a melody, a sound, a groove that actually touches individuals. So who cares the way you do it?”

He’s fast so as to add: “However being that I am nonetheless a dwell performer, I do like plugging into the entrance of a loud amp and turning it up. In order that’s additionally my curse.”

Satriani has not had the chance to crank a loud amp and play for a dwell viewers since 2019, as he canceled his 2020 tour in assist of that 12 months’s Shapeshifting because of the coronavirus pandemic. He used the sudden downtime to make The Elephants of Mars, which he and his bandmates — drummer Kenny Aronoff, bassist Bryan Beller and newly recruited keyboardist Rai Thistlethwayte — recorded utterly remotely. “I nonetheless have not met my keyboard participant head to head,” Satriani says with fun. “He is been within the band for 2 years and I’ve not met Ray Thistlethwaite but.”

Watch Joe Satriani’s ‘Sahara’ Video

Whereas Satriani has usually most well-liked to make albums in a room with different musicians, this time he embraced the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Liberated from deadlines and stress to evolve to a sure sound, Satriani deserted the basic rock stylings of his previous a number of albums and got down to shift the paradigm for instrumental guitar information, identical to he did 35 years in the past with the space-metal tour de pressure Browsing With the Alien.

“I believed, ‘I do not need to write any extra love letters to the basic rock period that I at all times thought I missed as a result of I used to be too younger,'” Satriani says. “I need to push myself to write down higher, to rearrange higher, to have a extra fascinating type of guitar album that’s, once more, so centered on the standard of the fabric that the entire guitar approach and displaying off and proving is nowhere to be discovered.”

Satriani is all too aware of accusations of displaying off. “It’s the factor that us guitar gamers get thrown at us again and again for no good cause in any respect, which is the entire ‘approach versus feeling’ factor, and it is so boring,” he says. “They’re going to by no means put a classical pianist or violinist in opposition to these requirements. Why is that? Why do they applaud technical excellence in several areas of music, however to not guitar gamers for some cause? So I believed, ‘Neglect about that. I am gonna create a brand new customary the place all the weather which can be essential to me are simply manner higher than I’ve ever finished earlier than.'”

The guitarist additionally did not really feel the necessity to compete with the new era of wizkid shredders dominating social media and releasing head-spinning tech-metal albums (and who have been seemingly influenced by Satriani himself). “They must type of overplay on the albums that they put out as a result of they’re attempting to get their profession going,” he says. “They’ve taken guitar enjoying to this excellent, historic stage of complexity, technical capacity and technical innovation. And I like the vitality it offers me, despite the fact that I do know I can not do it. It makes me really feel like, ‘Nicely, if they’ll do this, then I ought to have the ability to get my recreation higher. So get busy.’ I am type of shamed into practising extra, however not attempting to repeat or compete.”

Hearken to Joe Satriani’s ‘Pressure and Launch’

Do not be alarmed: The Elephants of Mars remains to be a Satriani album, and it has no scarcity of atom-splitting guitar histrionics. However they’re in service of hooks, melodies and overarching themes slightly than an finish unto themselves. Satriani slows issues down on the craving piano ballad “Faceless,” travels midway around the globe on the Center Jap-flavored “Doorways of Notion” and goes full jazz fusion on “E 104th St NYC 1973,” which evokes the late avant-garde guitar sorcerer Allan Holdsworth. The aptly titled “Pressure and Launch” sucks listeners in with a meaty funk-rock groove earlier than Satriani unleashes a tidal wave of wah-drenched shredding.

Satriani calls “Pressure and Launch” “a response to me pulling out a seven-string guitar that hadn’t been performed in years, and the strings have been actually floppy and boingy-sounding, and so I instantly wrote and recorded the tune based mostly on the type of bodily response I used to be getting from the strings.” Regardless of his want to make probably the most forward-thinking album potential, he did take cues from a basic rock legend on the monitor. “When it modulates to the minor key, I stored saying, ‘Jimmy Web page from “Achilles Final Stand.”‘ Simply the depth of what he performs and the way it’s such a tough Led Zeppelin tune, however on the identical time, it is so distinctive that Jimmy would have stepped to this point out on that album.”

The shortage of deadlines for The Elephants of Mars allowed Satriani and his bandmates to indulge each musical whim in pursuit of the best, weirdest, most grandiose passages they might think about. To information their journey, Satriani developed a narrative for the LP based mostly on its industrial, 9 Inch Nails-esque title monitor, which is anchored round a sound he describes as “some type of robotic or alien elephant.” This kernel of an concept blossomed right into a full narrative, which Satriani hopes to ultimately flip into a comic book ebook.

“I used to be considering: What if, sooner or later, the Earth’s scientists terraform Mars and switch it into a good looking, lush backyard planet, however unbeknownst to them, they create this race of gigantic sentient elephants?” he says. “And along with the colonists who’ve been engaged on Mars, growing all of the uncooked supplies for Earth’s evil companies, they resolve they will have a revolution and make the planet a novel backyard planet, and type of separate and change into impartial from the companies that had nefarious concepts about what to do concerning the planet. And naturally, I discovered that the lead revolutionary must be a guitar participant, and there can be music, and that is how they might talk someway.”

Watch Joe Satriani’s ‘The Elephants of Mars’ Video

As soon as Satriani established the story, he and his bandmates have been off to the races. “Once you get charged with engaged on an album, in fact, you need to do your finest and also you need to be well timed, and also you need to comply with the path of the individuals which can be hiring you,” he says. “However fairly often you aren’t getting informed, ‘Go utterly nuts and do no matter you need, and entertain the craziest belongings you’ve ever considered.'”

If any concept is truthful recreation, does that imply the Silver Surfer that graced the unique Browsing With the Alien cowl (and was changed on the 2019 deluxe reissue as a result of licensing prices) may make a cameo and assist the elephants wrest management of their planet again from Earth’s grasping company overlords?

“That could possibly be true,” Satriani says with fun. “Nonetheless, we might get sued by Marvel, so we do not need to do this.”


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