Josiah Davis, Cade Legat & Matt Mogg’s latest “Love Me” is a reverberant, aggressive, emotionally drenched single.

Being dynamic and true towards the way you put music is a sight of dedication , Josiah Davis along with Cade Legat & Matt Mogg mirror exactly that, as they infuse their skills composing music. The trio together sound frictionless moving smoothly complimenting each other. Slow & steady outgrowing their talents flourishing as musicians. Evoking a sense of musical creativity leading a path to journaling their private experiences.

Their latest “Love Me”, is an intimate creation that surveys their relationships, sculpting out modern rock inspired indie pop rock single. A hooky acoustic guitar hook which has glossy vocal layers. The arrangement then slowly and steadily boils into racing electric guitar power chords that sound like a bang on the heart, strong pulsating drums, as Josiah practically yells, “Why can’t you love me? Love me..” . The composition draws in Josiah’s bright & raw vocals. There’s beauty and heartbreak in the lyrics, recalling the biting of break ups and confusions.

“We made this track together about the dilemma of wanting to take a relationship with a potential significant other forward, but it never being the right timing or working out, and then having to deal with that frustration”, said Legat. The song pays homage to all that they’ve gone through. He adds, “We had all been listening to some indie rock and Josee Dunn’s record and we wanted to make a rock inspired indie pop track all together in one day”.

A reverberant, aggressive, emotionally drenched single, “Love Me” echoes with the early 2000s indie rock sound. A portrait of feeling and emotions the guy’s experienced. It’s a collective diary that reflected their dilemma as they searched for answers that they found through writing & flirting with music.

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