Kapil Seshasayee: Celebrating Heroes and Confronting Social Injustice through Music

Kapil Seshasayee is an artist whose music transcends genres and tackles important social issues. Inspired by the courage and resilience of Bant Singh, a laborer from the Punjab region of India, Seshasayee composed “The Ballad of Bant Singh” as a tribute to this unsung hero. The track serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle against caste discrimination and the power of individuals to effect change.

In the year 2000, Bant Singh fought a harrowing battle for justice when his daughter was sexually assaulted. Despite the odds stacked against him, including threats of violence and corruption within the Indian legal system, Singh emerged victorious, securing life sentences for three of the culprits. However, a revenge attack following the verdict resulted in Singh losing both of his lower arms and his left leg, confining him to a wheelchair. Remarkably, this tragedy did not deter him from continuing his fight against caste discrimination, an issue deeply ingrained in Indian society.

Seshasayee, deeply moved by Bant Singh’s story, felt compelled to write a song that would bring attention to his struggle. The track, initially composed for his debut album, gained popularity among his fans. As Seshasayee evolved as an artist, incorporating lush R&B elements into his music, he decided to rework “The Ballad of Bant Singh” to align with his latest record, ‘Laal,’ a concept album that explores themes of nationalism, censorship, and disability rights within the context of Bollywood.

The artist’s live performances, featuring a full band, have captivated audiences and created a platform for dialogue on social and political issues. Seshasayee’s music not only entertains but also encourages listeners to engage with politics through the power of groove and rhythm.

Throughout his journey, Seshasayee has received critical acclaim for his unique sound, combining industrial-indie influences with elements of Indian classical music and R&B. His debut album, ‘A Sacred Bore,’ garnered attention from notable publications such as Rolling Stone India, Pitchfork, VICE, NPR, The Guardian, and The Quietus.

With his second album, ‘Laal,’ Seshasayee has further solidified his place as a thought-provoking artist. The sonic progressions and lyrical depth demand a fresh approach to live performances, which often feature a full band and his wife contributing on flute and keys.

Kapil Seshasayee’s music is not only an expression of his artistic vision but also a catalyst for social change. Through “The Ballad of Bant Singh” and his other compositions, he sheds light on the persisting social ills of the Indian caste system, encouraging conversations and a reexamination of deeply rooted prejudices.

As long as the need for dialogue about caste discrimination exists, Seshasayee remains committed to performing “The Ballad of Bant Singh” and using his platform to amplify the voices

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