Kiran’s new song ‘hollow?’ is here to take you on a haunting experience of the feeling of emptiness.

Tell us about your track

“The song ‘hollow?’ tells you the story of how loving a person who’s empty inside and letting them reside in your heart makes you feel nothing but emptiness too.”

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

“The inspiration for this track came from my need to make my pain real and my own instead of being told how I should feel. When you are in an emotionally abusive relationship, you question your emotions and reality, so, this song solidified everything that I was feeling in the moment and helped me acknowledge my pain while reassuring myself that the agony was real and valid.”

How long did it take to record the track album EP ?

“The writing process took a week and overall, it took me three weeks to finish the track.”

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

“The lyrics start off by stating that the singer has been feeling like an empty shell for a while now and is utterly confused as to why does being in love only makes her feel emptier. The second verse pinpoints that the reason they’re feeling so is because of what they’re being put through and the fog seems to clear now. Ultimately, the song answers the question of this feeling of emptiness stating that sometimes when we give home to someone who’s empty inside, in our heart, they make sure they make you feel hollow from inside out as well.”

What brings next after this release?

“After this depiction of an agonizing experience in the song ‘hollow?’, I’ve been walking back to the journey of liking, if not loving, myself for who I am in the present moment. So, I’ve been working on a song in that domain.”

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