Kishore Lyatha: The Talented Singer-Composer from Hyderabad

Kishore Lyatha is a talented singer-composer from Hyderabad, India, known for his soulful voice and beautiful compositions. He has been playing the piano and guitar since childhood and has found inspiration in creating original music that touches people’s hearts.

One of his recent tracks, “Apna Tujhe Maana,” composed and sung by Kishore himself, and penned by Sneha Sharma, is a beautiful expression of intense love. The song combines elements that express passion and love, with Kishore’s emotive voice bringing the lyrics to life. Listeners can feel the depth of emotion in the song, making it a favorite among those who appreciate soulful music.

The opening lines, “Teri Yaadon Mai, Khoyaa Mai Rahoon” (I remain lost in your memories), set the tone for the song, conveying a sense of sadness and longing. The next lines, “Teri Baaton Se, Khawbon Ko Bunun” (I weave dreams with your words), express the power of words and how they can influence our thoughts and emotions.

The final line, “Teri Khushbu Se, Subah Ho Shuru” (My mornings start with your fragrance), brings the song full circle, returning to the theme of memories and how they can shape our lives. The fragrance of a loved one can evoke memories and emotions that can carry us through the day.

“Teri Yaadon Mein,” another one of Kishore’s tracks, is a beautiful ballad that speaks to the heart. The lyrics describe the feeling of being lost in memories of a loved one, with Kishore’s emotive voice bringing the lyrics to life. The melody is hauntingly beautiful, staying with listeners long after the song has ended.

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