Looking back at his childhood, Kefinama shares the building blocks that made him a musician today.

Childhood can teach you a lot where you stumble upon one learnings after another, and then there are some that stay on with you forever. KefiNama aka Vandit Sharma an engineer by profession who his passionate about penning down some good music is a singer songwriter. Music always being an influence through this childhood, KefiNama ponders around such memories where he used to listen to romantic English songs from artists such as Enrique and Shayne Ward. He’s used these sounds as an inspiration for his upcoming debut English single “Did You Know?”

Building on his previously released music which is in Hindi, “Did You Know” is a sweet take on something new as he debuts his first English track. The song is something of what you would call a rock ballad, which starts gentle and builds there on. “The listener is caught with the element of surprise when the rock elements come in”, says KefiNama. “The rock arrangements convey some strong emotions which i felt later while writing the song”, he adds. KefiNama -along with an assist from his producer friend Larry added to the scenery, conjuring all the ideas together. They both sat in a studio a fine morning and got a fully produced track by night.

KefiNama treats his lyrics as something of an emotional complexity of remembering all the good and the bad times you’ve had with your other half. It’s a song the reinterprets the feelings of how the person you’ve been with is still there and dreams about being together. “It’s a love song”, KefiNama says.

Overall “Did You Know?”, can be a meaningful song, that builds the intensity as it progresses carrying its mystic path. KefiNama plans to release a few singles and later an EP which he his currently working on.

Below are the links-

  1. YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9WFPkkCM3s
  2. Spotify- https://open.spotify.com/album/0cJi8C1F5bIxbZNDGb6RiH?si=KnymWGPCSmisZP56Rg7W3w
  3. Apple Music- https://music.apple.com/in/album/did-you-know-single/1631720584

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