Music that sounds like opportunities and that fills the listener with strength, Akash’s latest “Beautiful Tragedies” is bright & vibrant.

Music that sounds like opportunities and that fills the listener with strength, Akash is morphing into a matured & expansive musician. His trajectory going upwards on a straight path pushing him for big venues as he keeps his progress going. By embracing music that inspires not only him but everyone who gives it a listen, Akash sounds free & purposeful.

Now, as his latest release “Beautiful Tragedies” rides his creative ingenuity to a higher level, an electronic rhythm-driven road of soul strengthening music. It’s head-over-heels an innovative single that’s influenced by house, edm & a bit of techno music. Akash’s vision of where he wants each of his listeners to be strong shows through his lyricism that sits beautifully over the music floating ashore. It’s an ocean of synths, with superbly arranged arpeggiated synth elements sitting over, uplifting drums that fills the song with complete energy. His vocals are at liberty of him being true, uncharacterised & unshackled. The song has mind calming drops that raise your energy levels high. Love and inspiration shines through the music.

Akash is blessed with his excellent musical mind. He has the effect of making his songs musically bright that would get you up on your feet to dance right at once. Talking about the song Akash said, “This track tells to stay strong, and gives a positive vibe to the listener”. He goes on to add, “I used to take inspiration from my Idol Martin Garrix, for every track I make”. His music is exciting & thrilling.

“Beautiful Tragedies” is a vibrant single with a different spectrum of emotions filling it up top. It creates a dreamy pattern that’s fluid and electrifying. Akash has found a sublime depth in the music that he creates. He makes music sounds simple & yet beautiful, keeping things minimal, displaying his musical abilities. Akash is growing and learning with each release, teasing us with his capabilities, an artist who we should keep an eye on.

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