Neela collages the emotions of anger & frustration into her latest single “You’ll Never Know”, a pop ballad with a nighttime ambience.

A formidable addition to the long list of songs she has, Neela, a young and exciting musician is surfing on the waves of music and creativity. With ambitious sounding music Neela is stepping in the upper echelons of musicians. Everything magnified & improved with each new release that’s worth examining. Every aspect of her artistic talents seems to shine bright heading in the right direction. Neela’s commitment to her music and songwriting pushes her to give the best aiming for perfection.

“You’ll Never Know” her latest record is a slow pop ballad with the addition of a youthful energy. She’s slipped into something that sounds fresh & dark together at times hypnotic as well. Neela’s voice that’s immersive & glossy floats smoothly over an ocean of synths and electric guitars. A groovy bass line that sounds alive with well designed drums completes the arrangement. An ecstatic section of music that resounds in your chest. Lyrics that sound more focused & effective elevates the song higher. A vibrant and contrasting wash of emotions can be clearly seen through the song-writing & musical arrangement. A strong characteristic that glues everything together continuing to diversify.

Neela keeps pushing her limits with the image of her reaching a different dimension. Talking about the song Neela said, “‘You’ll Never Know’ is about empowerment and expressing anger and frustration with injustice. While the subject is sensitive and raw, Neela has tried to  explore the other side of this pain; resentment, strength to move forward despite the hurt, and acceptance. These are just some of the complex emotions that she has expressed in this single”. You can hear how far she would keep pushing to get her music to sound just about right. 

“You’ll Never Know” instills the ideas of self-acceptance and moving forward despite the hurt, overcoming pain. Exploding with emotions the song maintains a modern yet nostalgic tone. A representation of the relationship that one has with themselves, with a nighttime ambience & soundmarks. It’s a testament to how far Neela has come as an artist and about how much more she has to offer.

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