Peekay: Unveiling Extraordinary Artistry Through Music and Individuality

Peekay, the musical alter ego of Pranati Khanna, is not just an artist, but a force of inspiration and authenticity. Hailing from Hyderabad, this entrepreneur-musician has fearlessly ventured into the realms of music, breaking barriers and embracing her individuality. Her latest track, “No Ordinary,” from the album “Starlight,” delves deep into her personal journey and challenges societal norms.

The song “No Ordinary” speaks volumes about Peekay’s mindset. With lyrics like “I’m no ordinary. I can barely stay in Line,” she confronts conventional standards and proudly claims her uniqueness. The track is a testament to her resilience and determination in the face of doubters and naysayers. Peekay’s collaboration with director Apoo Mahi and acclaimed classical dancers Vaibhav Modi and Nenita Praveen for the music video showcases her commitment to creative storytelling.

Peekay’s journey is a fusion of music, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. From fronting the rock band “Spell Check” to her solo endeavor, she’s a genre-bending artist who refuses to be confined. Her singles, like “Dunno” and “You Don’t Have To,” have amassed over 100,000 streams each, earning her a dedicated following.

But Peekay is more than a musician. She’s a creative entrepreneur who co-owns a Design & Marketing firm and transformed a speakeasy into Hyderabad’s first LGBTQ-inclusive Jazz bar. Her influence extends to the visual arts, as she exhibits her digital art at prestigious venues.

In a world often plagued by conformity, Peekay’s artistry serves as a reminder to embrace one’s true self. Her journey echoes in her performances, leaving audiences energized and uplifted. Her music, a blend of jazz-inspired melodies and candid songwriting, draws comparisons to iconic artists like Erykah Badu.

Peekay’s exceptional musicality and unapologetic authenticity are celebrated in every note of “No Ordinary.” With her art and endeavors, she paves the way for others to embrace their uniqueness. As she continues to challenge norms and inspire through her craft, Peekay undoubtedly remains “No Ordinary” artist.

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