Pradyumna Prabhudesai ( P.P.D )’s track “Bechainiyaan” is the constant introspection one faces when they fall in love.

Tell us about your track

Bechainiyaan, as the name says, portrays restlessness that you feel in the initial stages of love. During that phase, you tend to get awkward at every action of yours, and keep thinking about your partners importance and how much you love them, and what you are gonna do for them, but eventually your awkwardness tends to be shy to just express those thoughts. I would say, bechainiyaan is that song which you can dedicate to your loved one in the initial stages, without hesitating, because it conveys your shyness and hesitation in the most romantic way possible.

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

I started making bechainiyaan by imagining a perfect partner who can make me feel awkward, because deep down i knew, i am romantic but shy. So when i closed my eyes every morning and hummed this tune repeatedly, I used to imagine this ideal girl in my life and think of the awkward memories i wish to create with her. Nonetheless, today as the creator of this song, this song has related to me in my initial stages of love, and yes i ve found the most ideal girl, the girl of my dreams, with whom i am awkard, shy , and romantic, thanks to bechaiyaan.

How long did it take to record the track \album \EP ?

At first, we recorded the guitars, and the pads, so that we could get an idea of the future music. Then the drums and all other instruments were recorded session wise. Basically i did not struggle to create the music of this track as i had a lot of talented people working on it. So the day one of my musicians called me up to the studio to hear the final track, i was blown away. So it took around 3-4 months to get the track entirely donw after a lot of changes and ideas coming from everyone.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

Well, there is one line in the song that remains constant throughout, and that is “ tujhse kaise mai kahu “ means “ how do i tell you”. So that itself says, that the boy is trying to convey a lot of feelings to the girl he loves, but he wonders how to proceed with it. He appreciates the girl in his own mind, finds her attractive features and qualities, but cannot express it. The Chorus of this song says “ As i move forward, under your footsteps, the land under me has blossomed, and you have taken me beyond the clouds, where all my shyness, has disappeared”

What brings next after this release?

Up next is a song that Is very close to my heart, and i wrote it in the beaches of goa. Its gonna be about a boy who finds love in the wrong person, and realises that everything that he felt good was actually an illusion that was only destroying him. The name of the song is gonna be “ Akela hu mai “. However, i wanna thank everyone for the amazing response that bechainiyaan recieved. The official music video shall be out soon as well.

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