Rajat Bagri’s latest single “Anyway” is a pure emotion that has a childlike innocence with a minimalist and simple approach.

Simplicity is underrated these days. Somewhere down the line, as the musicians gave into overly complex sounds and instruments there are still a handful who love keeping things minimal, Rajat Bagri is one of them. Reared in the small town from Uttar Pradesh, Rajat is no stranger to dreaming big and inspiring people with his music. Rajat blissfully glides in with his music with least fussing around.

His latest single “Anyway” phases out any modern complex musical arrangements and rather opts for a minimalist singer-songwriter approach. An acoustic guitar chord progression laying the foundation over which Rajat’s potent & glistening voice lay bare, tucked behind soft pop-rock drums. A bass that’s simple yet keeping a groove. A mandolin playing a hooky riff that sounds glamorous and bossed up. Rajat flows through his past experiences with the lyrics. He mixes Hindi & English in a perfect combination to speak his heart out. He gains senses as he unravels more of his past experiences and takes it in a jolly way out of love. It’s Rajat at his bravest, unafraid & truthful.

While talking about the Anyway, Rajat said, “ANYWAY is a song about things you do to the people you love despite yourself. Even when you know the outcome isn’t going to be a good one, you end up doing things anyway. You feel overpowered by the sheer love and compassion for this person that you can’t help yourself”. There’s a certain kind of affection that screams through the song that’s yearning for love. The song structure evokes the ‘00’s style of minimalist acoustic composition. His lyricism shines though the song sparkling bright. 

“Anyway” is a pure emotion that has a childlike innocence with a minimalist and simple approach. Rajat is proving a point and building his career the way he wants. He’s defiant and rejoicing as an artist.

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