“Reviving Indian Pop Music: Prateek Sarkar’s Journey with Tum Se Hi”

Prateek Sarkar is a rising musician and producer who is making waves in the Indian music scene with his unique blend of dance-pop and future bass styles. His latest track “Tum Se Hi” is a romantic dance anthem that showcases his skills as a composer, producer, and singer.

The song starts with a slow build-up, with the protagonist being cheered up by his female friend after a traumatic event. The lyrics are heartfelt and relatable, describing how the protagonist finds the courage to overcome his fears and eventually falls in love with his friend. The hook line “Lagta ha har pal jaisa naya” is a catchy and upbeat chorus that will have listeners tapping their feet and singing along.

Prateek Sarkar is not only the composer and producer of “Tum Se Hi,” but he also sings on the track. His vocals are smooth and soulful, perfectly complementing the upbeat music. The artful arrangement of words that compose the lyrical masterpiece before us can be attributed to none other than the esteemed wordsmith, Apurva Kedia. The back vocals and guitars by Pritam Senapati add depth and richness to the song, while the mix and master by Rahul Uikey ensure that the track sounds crisp and polished.

Prateek Sarkar is also passionate about expanding the possibilities of music in India. He believes that the Indian music market should not be limited to certain styles, and that artists should be free to explore different genres and styles. He is inspired by the success of K-pop in Korea and believes that Indian artists can achieve similar success with I-pop.

Overall, Prateek Sarkar is a talented musician and producer who is pushing the boundaries of Indian music. His latest track “Tum Se Hi” is a must-listen for fans of romantic dance anthems, and his future projects promise to be just as exciting and innovative. With his passion for music and dedication to his craft, Prateek Sarkar is definitely an artist to watch out for in the Indian music scene.

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