Right here Are 20+ Moments BTS’s Jungkook And V Proved They Are A Beautiful Visible Combo


BTS‘s V and Jungkook are often called a visible pair that someway look even extra good-looking when standing subsequent to one another! Take a look at among the second beneath the place ARMYs couldn’t assist however fall in love twice.

1. They’re hitting ARMYs with the double visible.

2. Two cute cuties…

3. …but additionally two good-looking guys!

4. Even their profiles are beautiful.

5. Squishies!

6. Blue and black by no means regarded so good collectively…till now.

7. V is fierce and Jungkook is comfortable…

8. …and each are too excellent for phrases!

9. After they’re aspect by aspect, they’ve a lot visible energy.

10. Their naked faces don’t want an oz. of make-up.

11. Typically, they act the identical…

12. …however the variations of their expressions are big!

13. Mainly, they praise one another completely.

14. Everybody remembers this second!

15. Their face playing cards by no means decline.

16. They give the impression of being their greatest in a proper swimsuit and tie.

17. They’ve complete galaxies of their eyes…

18. …and it’s laborious to not get sucked in!

19. It’s simple to see why folks evaluate their cute visuals to Zootopia’s Judy and Nick…

20. …since they actually appear like a fox and a bunny!

21. They get intense after they’re targeted.

22. Visible overload!

23. It’s unimaginable to not fall for these two.


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