Sanjay Maroo: A Three-Decade Musical Journey of Passion and Inspiration

Sanjay Maroo is an accomplished indie composer, lyricist, drum artist, and vocalist hailing from India. He has been a prominent figure in the Indian music scene for over three decades, having played with some of the most popular bands of his time. Sanjay has always been a passionate musician, and his journey in the music industry has been nothing short of inspiring.

Sanjay’s musical journey started in the late ’80s when he played with one of the few Indian original music bands singing in English, the Les Boys. Later, he joined Rock Machine, which was renamed Indus Creed. These bands were hugely popular and played at almost all major concert venues in India. Sanjay also featured in a special video on Doordarshan, the National Network, where he played drums and sang on the song 21st century. The video was aired for six years consecutively.

In between numerous concerts and a graduation in Commerce, Sanjay won a theatre acting award for the English adaptation of the Greek Sophocles “Antigone” from Mumbai University. However, he decided to turn down theatre offers and pursue his passion for music.

In 1994, Sanjay joined Divya, India’s premier Indo-Jazz fusion band, where he got the opportunity to perform at major international jazz festivals alongside Jazz greats such as Giovanni Hidalgo, Dave Valentin, Ernie Watts, and Eric Marienthal. Sanjay considers composer and keyboardist Dinshah Sanjana, who headed the band, as his musical guru. Dinshah taught Sanjay the nuances of dynamics and time signatures that were a rarity at the time.

Sanjay’s latest release, “Holding On,” is an R&B ballad that conveys a deeply rooted philosophy of faith and is a reflection of all the experiences and ups and downs he has gone through in his journey. The song urges people to keep holding on and never give up. Sanjay draws inspiration from his personal experiences, and the song touches upon the travails of mental health issues.

Sanjay is optimistic about the future of independent music in India and believes that the day is not far when Indian artists singing in English will make their mark on the international scene. He is a firm believer in the power of music and its ability to bring people together. Sanjay’s passion for music and his unwavering dedication to his craft make him an inspiring figure in the Indian music scene.

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