Shally Rehal & KULTARGOTBOUNCE animate their number 1 hit vivid imagery in their latest single “Step”

Shally Rehal & KULTARGOTBOUNCE animate their vivid imagery in their latest single “ Step”

Flipping through his imaginations about truly being with someone beautiful, Shally Rehal animates his vivid imagery in his latest single “ Step” with a helping hand from KULTARGOTBOUNCE. Young love, musing on the beauty of a person, praising it through his lyricism Shally has formulated a storytelling recipe for his songs, that are exciting and distinct. A perspective that’s authentic and life-like he’s got the ability to paint his emotions through music.

Shally Rehal is an indian-canadian singer songwriter blending different sounds from Punjabi Hip Hop and R&B based in Surrey BC. Shally started making music at 17 and refined his sound until releasing his first single “Top Gear” in April of 2020. Shortly after he met KULTARGOTBOUNCE who has been executive producing and curating his sound which came together on their first release “Nakhra”.

“Step” is the duo’s latest release. A song that’s upbeat, light and easy going all at once. The song is surgically perfected by the musical ensemble. With pastel synths floating throughout the song like calming oceans, a sanguine and bright drum loop that sounds like a thumping heartbeat keeping the song grounded. Shally’s gleaming vocal delivery reaching the emotional forefront is a picturesque sound. KGB has worked brilliantly producing the song. He’s used his expertise and knowledge to the utmost, tossing the song to an upper echelon. Together the pair have found a way of stirring up hit formulas. Following up on the early success of “MIDNIGHT EP”, “STEP”, his next collaboration with KULTARGOTBOUNCE

While talking about the song Shelly said, “This song is about asking someone to come and dance with you while praising their beauty”, this certainly shows through the song, he’s pulled the right strings for sure. KGB add, “”STEP” is about coming together in song & dance. The world just went through a rough moment with covid making us distant from one another. We wanted to create a song that gave an inviting feeling of harmony. “STEP” makes you want to drop everything and just dance”.

Together they both highlight how two people can make imaginations come alive. “Step” has an overall rich lo-fi charm with a modern pop touch. Both are formidable in their respective strong points that being a singer/songwriter and a producer. “Step” is a song sailing on an ocean of calming synths to a journey that’s enjoyable. There’s a certain kind of satisfaction that’s injected in when you listen to it. “Step” is irresistibly magnetic and soothing to which one could dance along its beat.

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