Shia’s latest single “Shia Bia” is an easy-listening single, with sugary melody and simplistic musical ensembles.

Shia has an aptitude for learning and growing as a female protagonist in the music she makes. Shia’s meekness-combined with her strong & powerful character flexes her potential that she has as an artist. She attempts to shift the focus from the mainstream music to her vocal lines and turns, treating songs like a canvas for her to paint her imaginations on. Shia extends moments of self awareness and self confidence through her manicured music, deviating from the modern day-to-day life for a change.

“Shia Bia” her latest record is a reflection of the way she sees herself confident & carefree. She’s comfortable with the spotlight and manifests all the things she wants, oscillating between personal diaries and fictional story lines. The song has powerful 808s, heavy organs, alternating hi-hats and Shia’s glossy vocals through her verses. The beats are produced by her long-time collaborator and India’s leading rap record producer Zero Chill. Together the duo skate over smoothly with expert precision. There are moments where Shia draws listeners closer and gets them hooked to her music by barring her insecurities without flinching.

While talking about the single Shia says, “Shia Bia’ is a self-assuring Hip-Hop banger that inspires confidence and captures the artist at her best on the mic. Driven by raunchy lyricism which strikes at the heart of modern-day sexiness, Shia makes it clear that she – as a woman – can’t be censored or pushed aside in the Indian Hip-Hop scene”. She sounds remarkably honest and confident, rapping about it with her properly arranged lyricism. 

“Shia Bia” is an easy-listening single, with sugary melody and simplistic musical ensembles. It feels like Shia’s enlightened form, as she walks with confidence of what she could achieve in the Indian hip-hop scene. The song is powered by her voice and through the melodies. It’s an extreme example of confidence that can be on display through music.

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